Vegan pumpkin pancakes – easiest recipe ever


The best vegan pumpkin pancakes for this Halloween!

Yes, this will be the best vegan pumpkin pancakes recipe you will ever try in your whole life.
Trust me when I say it will, cos I was my self amazed by this.

Forget about buying pancakes in packets again.
Who wants that stuff right?

Apart from being “caked” in sugars and preservatives, they are nowhere near as good as homemade pancakes!
This being said, there’s another boom factor added to this!
Which one?
These pumpkin pancakes are 100% vegan!

Yes you heard that: the best vegan pumpkin pancakes ever.
There’s absolutely no eggs in this, and the milk I have used it’s from almonds.
Delicious means also nutritious here.

With Halloween already here, I am getting so much inspiration from one single ingredient. You guessed that right there: Pumpkin!
You can use pumpkin everywhere right? savoury and sweet dishes, so why not using it in making pancakes?

This is the only vegan pumpkin pancakes recipe you will go to when you want that fluffy spongy breakfast or mid afternoon treat.
Without further ado, let’s get cracking on this goodie.

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vegan pumpkin pancakes

Ingredients for about 20 vegan pumpkin pancakes.

50gr boiled and pureed pumpkin
3 tbsp. icing sugar
1 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp. self raising flour
6 tbsp. sunflower oil
150ml almond milk
pinch of salt
pinch of cinnamon powder


First thing first, make sure to buy a good fresh pumpkin as we want some genuine stuff here: no canned food please.
Peel the pumpkin paying attention not to chop your fingers there. Pumpkin peel it’s quite hard so it can be even harder task. Be careful! You only need about 50gr of this anyways.

When your pumpkin is nice and peeled, cut it in small dices and boil it. When it’s ready you will need to mash it.
Since it’s only a small amount of pumpkin, I have used a fork to mash this, but you can do whatever makes you feel better.

Once you have it, set it aside for a minute and get the dry ingredients ready.
In a medium bowl combine together the flour, the icing sugar and the baking powder. Add a generous pinch of cinnamon. Mix the dry ingredients together with a fork.

Don’t add the salt just as yet or you will break the rising process.

Once you have the dry mix ready it’s time for the wet ingredients to go in.
Add 6 tbsp. of sunflower oil and 150ml of almond milk to the bowl. Put the pumpkin mash in the mix too, and whisk everything together.

I usually use a regular whisk but you can get help form a hand blender if you prefer.
Mix until you start to see the bubbles coming up in the batter.
This is the right time to add salt.
A pinch of salt it’s all you need to bring out all of the good flavour in your vegan pumpkin pancakes.

After you added the salt, give everything a good final whisk.
Your batter is ready and it’s now time to go on show!

Grab a non stick pancake pan and oil it with sunflower oil.
Dry off the excess oil with a paper towel. You are making pancakes not frying French fries.

Put the pan onto medium heat. For induction stove put it on mark 4.
I have used a spoon to pour the batter in the pan for my pancakes.
I think that is the right amount for the size I wanted them to have.

If you do the same, you will be able to get about 20 pumpkin pancakes out of this batter.
Once you have all the pancakes ready, do not leave them out on the kitchen top.

I have put them all in one big plate and save them in the oven.
Oven’s off of course. No lid or anything.
This will prevent them from drying out and go harder.
I can tell you that the morning after the pancakes where still so soft and fluffy that is unbelievable. So after cooking and you have eaten whatever you want to eat, put them in the oven.

Dusted with icing sugar and cinnamon or with a squeeze of toffee sauce, these will be the best vegan pumpkin pancakes you will eat!

I couldn’t decide so I tried both toppings. No regrets is all I can say!

vegan pumpkin pancakes

Drop a comment in the box below if you have any questions, I will gladly help you and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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