Cantucci recipe – traditional Italian biscotti recipe

Cantucci also know as Italian Biscotti for all good people on the other side of the pond, it’s a typical Italian cookie that is often served with sweet wine. Yes you have guessed that right, this is my cantucci recipe for you.

cantucci recipe

Cantucci is a piece of Tuscany tradition and it comes in many versions.
With chocolate chips, dried fruit or even pistachio.

Today I am gonna show you the traditional soft cantucci recipe.

Fragrant and golden brown, these cantucci are the best choice for the almond lovers.

These biscotti are really good if you want to bake them and give it as a present.
Cantucci keeps fresh and good for days if kept into an air tight container or cookies tin.

For this cantucci recipe I have used peeled whole almond, but you can use the ones with peel on if you prefer them.

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This is the list of what you need for some nice and crumbly biscotti, this is my cantucci recipe.

cantucci recipe

Ingredients for about 25 cantucci cookies

250gr plain flour
120gr caster sugar
60gr butter
2 eggs
100gr toasted whole almonds
1/4 tsp baking powder





Cantucci recipe – cooking method


First thing first toast the almonds and set them aside to cool down before use.
I have used a normal non stick pan to do this.
Pour a few drops of olive oil in the pan and then add the almonds, let them toast over gentle heat.
Toss the pan frequently to avoid burning the almonds.

After that, set the almonds aside and start to prepare the cookie dough.

In a medium bowl place the eggs, the sugar and the baking powder.
Melt the butter over gentle heat and add it in the bowl too.

Mix everything with a wooden spoon or electric hand blender if you want.
when the mix is smooth and comes together it’s time to add in the flour.

Add flour a bit at the time and mix at the same time.
It is advisable to mix by hand when the dough will get consistent and obviously too hard to work with the blender or spoon.

Cookie dough should be nice and smooth, soft but not sticky.
Add now the almonds straight into the dough, and give it another mix.

Dust with flour your working table/area and roll the dough with you hands.
Divide it in two halves.
Give the dough the shape of a baguette/long bread roll.

Beat more egg and brush the top of your cookie rolls with it.

Bake the cantucci in preheated over for 20 minutes at 180C

When it’s ready take it off the oven and, using a sharp knife, slice it giving the biscotti a diagonal cut.

Place the sliced biscotti in the oven for 5 more minutes.

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Nice cantucci cookies ready to be eaten.

cantucci recipe

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