Tofu burger: an easy vegetarian alternative to meat burgers

Today you are going to discover one of the most tasty alternative to meat burger: The tofu burger.

Yeap that’s right. You’re about to see how to make a burger using solely tofu.

Silky tofu to be precise.

I know silky tofu it’s a versatile food.  You can blend it and mix it with other ingredients, such as quinoa, maybe black beans.
Though for this recipe you are gonna go the extra mile and using it on its own.
It’s gonna be a bit tricky to cut, I warn you, but nothing is impossible right?

Healthy, silky smooth and absolutely delicious.
Who said that for a great burger you need meat?

Try this and prove your carnivores friends wrong!

For this delicious burger today we are using brioche buns.
I honestly prefer these to the classic sesame seed buns.
The texture, the buttery flavour. It just make everything taste better, don’t you think?
Which bun do you prefer for your burgers?

Right, let’s get cracking on the recipe.
This is what you need for an amazing tofu burger.

If you are looking for more meatless burger ideas I suggest you to check my egg burger recipe, it’s beyond tasty!


Ingredients for 1 tofu burger

silky tofu
30gr corn flour
1tsp garlic powder
black pepper
olive oil
To garnish:
sweet chilly mayo
mix leaves salad
red onion slices

How to make a tofu burger?

It is quite challenging to cut a perfect round patty made of silky tofu only using a knife, like I did. Especially when I realized I could have used a round pasta cutter
or a food ring.(check the video below and have a laugh if you want)

Starting form this piece of information then, if you do have a food ring a round cutter or whatever that has got that shape: use it.
If you don’t have it, watch the video to see how I made it using a knife. Oh by the way subscribe to my YT channel to watch all the video recipes.

Drain the tofu and cut the patties.
On average with a block of silky tofu that you buy at the store, you should get at least two patties. It depends how thick you cut them.
This is if you want to cut them in a round shape.

Once you have your tofu patty, it’s time to prepare some coating for it.
Mix 30gr of corn flour, or cornmeal, with 1tsp of garlic powder.
Fix with salt and black pepper then whisk.

Coat the tofu burger on both sides with the mix you just prepared, pressing lightly on it to make it stick better.

Be careful when you flip it on the other side: it can very easily fall apart and break into pieces.

Place the tofu patty in a baking tray. Drizzle with some olive oil.

Bake the tofu burger in the oven for 20 min (10 minutes on each side) at 200C

If you like it crispier keep it in the oven for an extra 20 min (10 min on each side) but turn the over down to 120C

Here you have it a fantastic vegetarian option for your burger cravings.

The tofu burger everybody!

tofu burger

Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it!
Find this tofu burger video recipe in the video below, and subscribe on my YouTube channel here. It’s free anyway.

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