Stuffed portobello mushrooms with sundried tomato & soft cheese

I don’t think you can find something so tasty like sundried tomatoes. How good are they? might it be all the flavour they get from beautiful sun light, but their rich taste is something unique.

Today with that flavoursome idea in mind, I got to use sundried tomatoes for a tasty-licious side/starter: Sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms.

It’s very easy to find all sorts of stuffed things at the grocery store, and most probably you will find stuffed Portobello mushrooms too..but…let’s be honest..

I know sometimes you might not have time to stay there preparing stuff and cook things, but I think that there’s the need to get back to homemade food and lovely meals prepared with the heart.

And.. apart from that, nothing can compare the taste and the satisfaction of making your own food!

Don’t take my word for granted, try it yourself and you will see.
You will be amazed.

Let’s see what you need for these sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms

stuffed portobello mushrooms

Ingredients ( for 2 medium/big sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms)

2 big portobello mushrooms
50gr sundried tomatoes
100gr cream cheese
30gr bread crumbs
grated mozzarella cheese
black pepper


Sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms – Get it done!

Start by taking the stems off the mushrooms. You wont need to carve in the whole thing. Keep the gills, only remove a bit of the stem so that the stuffing will have room.
Put a pan with some water in and place the mushrooms in it upside down.
(for any doubt, watch the video recipe below this post)

Boil for 1 min.

This will only serve to accelerate the cooking process in the oven really. Because the Portobello mushroom cup is quite thick, if you don’t boil it, by the time it gets fully cooked in the oven, the top part will be completely dry and so not nice to eat.

Take 50gr of sundried tomatoes and cut them in small pieces.
Mix the tomatoes with 100gr of soft cream cheese.
Fix with some black pepper and salt and mix it up all together, so that it becomes a nice homogenous filling.

Mix the breadcrumbs with some parsley (fresh or dry is your choice) and black pepper.

Put the portobello mushrooms in a baking tray.
Dry the excess water from the mushrooms with paper towel.

Helping yourself with a spoon, stuff each mushroom with a good amount of sundried tomatoes and cream cheese mixture.
Top it up with grated mozzarella cheese and finish with the breadcrumbs you mixed before.

Cover the whole top surface of the mushroom.

Stuffed Portobello mushrooms: time to go in the oven!

Bake the sundried tomatoes stuffed Portobello mushrooms in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 25 minutes.

These stuffed mushrooms can be served ad side or starter even.

Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it!
Sundried tomato stuffed portobello mushrooms video recipe it’s in the video below, and if you enjoy my contents don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and other social medias. It’s free anyway.

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