Stuffed courgette rolls – Ham and cheese combo appetizer

This week i am trying to cook as much vegetables as possible.
After having filled my stomach with mini apple pie raviolis, it’s now time to make something lighter. Summer is getting closer.

Lighter yes, however that doesn’t mean tastless.
Today you shall find out how to prepare some delicious, light and super gooey tasty ham and cheese stuffed courgette rolls.
Ham and cheese is a combination as old as this earth. It’s good and it always works. Everybody likes it.

Instead of doing the usual rolls that are seen everywhere on the internet (especially on youtube lol) made with pastry or pizza dough, you are going to use some nice fresh nutricious corugette slices for this.

The secret to roll a perfect  stuffed courgette rolls, is to cut the courgette in thin slices.

I’ ve tried both with a sharp knife and with a peeler.
The peeler obviously won.
For as much sharp as the knife can be, with the peeler will be easier to get that nice thin slice that you want.
So guess what? you need a fruit peeler for this!

Let’s see what else you need for some seriously tasty stuffed courgette rolls appetizer!


Ingredients (for about 23 ham and cheese stuffed courgette rolls)

1 fresh courgette
100gr smoked ham
100gr mature grated cheddar
olive oil
black pepper
fresh chopped parsley (optional)


Chop the two extremities of the courgette, and then wash it throughly with cold water.
Using some paper towel, dry it up.

Starting from the long side, peel off a bit of the skin from the courgette. Not too much just a bit.

Cut as many slices of courgette you want. Try to keep cutting them of the same thickness.

Shredd the ham in little pieces, and transfer it into a bowl.
I have used smoked ham for this courgette appetizer but it’s totally up to you. Non smoked one is perfectly fine if you prefer it.

Put some cheese then some ham, right in the centre of the courgette slice, so carefully roll it up.
For any help on how to do this in the best way, I will leave the video recipe at the bottom of this post..once you’re there hit that red button and subscribe on my YouTube channel. Delicious video recipes uploaded three times a week, don’t miss it!

Once you have filled all the slices, and rolled them up, transfer them into a baking tray.
Whatever baking tray it’s fine, I have used my lovely ceramic one.

Season this stuffed courgette rolls with some salt and ground black pepper.
Drizzle some good olive oil on top, and you’re done!


Ham and cheese stuffed courgette rolls ready to go in the oven

Bake this delicious rolls for 25 minutes at 210C
The nice texture of the courgette will keep intact and that ‘s also what makes them so delicious too.
Obviously they will be cooked through out but they won’t be soggy, if you were asking.

Serve the stuffed courgette rolls immediately.
If you like a bit of fancyness you can sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley on top. It’s totally optional.

stuffed courgette rolls

Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it!
Find this ham and cheese¬† stuffed courgette rolls video recipe in the video below, and subscribe on my YouTube channel here. It’s free anyway.

Did you try this recipe?
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