Spinach and feta puff pastry pies

This easy and lovely spinach and feta puff pastry pies will make a beautiful and heartwarming starter.

Just as scumptious as they look they also taste amazing.
Spinach and feta is the bomb together and to give the seal to the deal, there it goes the nice and light puff pastry.

They can be very well confused with mini quiches, but they are not. In fact, even though there are eggs in it, no cream has been used for this special puff pastry cups.

Usually you can find recipes of spinach and ricotta but I decide to use feta cheese because it’s really adds up that tangy kick to the dish, whilst ricotta is really mild.

Recipe is really easy and it gets done in less than 30 minutes
So let’s see together what do you need to make some delicious spinach and feta puff pastry pies.

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spinach and feta puff pastry pies

Ingredients for about 6/7 spinach and feta puff pastry pies

100gr puff pastry
120gr fresh spinach
150gr feta cheese
2 egg
black pepper


Wash the greens throughly with cold water, drain it and then chop it up roughly.
Grab a fryin pan and pour just about 2tbsp of olive oil in it, then place on medium heat.

When the pan it’s hot add the spinach in it, fix with salt and let stry fry for a minute.
Just long enough for the leaves to be tender, don’t overcook them.

When they’re ready place it into a medium bowl.
Crumble up the feta and add it to the spinach bowl.

In a little bowl crack the eggs open and beat them finely, season it with some salt and black pepper.

Your spinach and feta filling is ready, let get the pastry cut.
Use either a food ring or a cookie cutter..or whatever you find to work for you, to cut about 6 disk of puff pastry. I have used a muffin tray to cook these pastry pies in the oven so the diameter for my pastry disks was about 10cm.

Spread a tiny bit of butter in each muffin case you will use, then lay the pastry disk in it.
Fill up each pie with the spinach and feta mix. Do not squish this.

With a spoon, pour the eggs in each cup. I would say about 2/3tbsp in each.
Place the tray in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes @190C

Spinach and feta puff pastry pies ready to be served.

Look forward to know your opinion on this!
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