Snowflakes cream buns recipe

These snowflakes cream buns really are part of those kind of desserts that I make once in a very long while.
Reasons are different. One of them is because it’s not that fast to make.
Outcome makes you rethink the whole thing though.
1000% worth the time it needs to be prapared and cooked and everything. So don’t be scared,just plan ahead when you decide to make these tasty cream buns.

cream buns

The idea of these was born when I tried a very similar pastry in a place near Sorrento (Italy) that was so good that it melted in the mouth.
I thought why not try to make it with my personal twist?

I visited the place in a very unusual period.
No turists, no caos… just lots of cold wind and that magic yet malinconic post-christmas breeze. It was very charming, but too cold for my bones.

If you plan to go there sometimes I strongly suggest you do it in spring or summer.
And of course stop by one of the many coffee shops that sell all of those amazing italian patisserie. You won’t regret it.

For today is another recipe of our christmas special month edition, these snowflakes cream buns are just perfect to celebrate some family gathering with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Here they are my delicious snowflakes cream buns with a caramel flavoured cream filling.
Soft and tender on the outside with a creamy heart that will bring you in heaven.
So say your prayers cos this aint for the faint of heart, and if you thought about starting your diet today well.. condolences to that.

cream buns

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These are all the ingredients you will need for some delicious snowflakes cream buns.

Ingredients for 12 snowflakes cream buns

For the dough

5gr fresh yeast
150ml warm milk
125gr strong flour
125gr extra strong flour
80gr caster sugar
2gr salt
20gr soft butter

For the filling

150ml whipping cream
3tbsp caster sugar
1tsp caramel extract
zest of 1 lemon



Snowflakes cream buns – Cooking method

cream buns

Let me start by saying that the quantity of snowflakes cream buns you will get depends on how big you want them to be. With this amounts of ingredients you will get 12 to 15 snowflakes cream buns.
I got 12 cream buns of the size you can see in photo. 15 cream buns if you want them smaller.

Ready to put your hands in some sticky dough?

First thing first, you need to melt the fresh yeast in 150ml of whole milk.
The milk should be warm, never hot.
Crumble the yeast with your fingers and add it directly in the milk.
Stir well with a teaspoon, until there’s no more chuncks of yeast floating and it’s all melt.

Mix together the two flours and the place it on your working table top.
Give it a volcano shape (big mountain with a whole in the middle lol)
and then add 80gr of caster sugar to it.
Pour the milk you prepared before right in the middle.
Add it little by little and mix it with flour with the other hand.

When all the milk has been added you should have a block of sticky dough.
Still needs some work done, and mostly love and care so be patient.

Time to add the salt.
As a reminder, salt should always be added after you have incorporated the yeast to your mix. Never before or together with it.

After the salt is in, give the dough a good mix to make sure it goes everywhere.

Now it’s the butter turn. Butter should be soft and easy to handle not melt.
I suggest you take it out of the fridge one hour before starting the whole process.
Cut it in small dices and place it in a bowl so it is there when you need it.

Take one piece of butter and with your hands mix it in the dough.
Strech and fold the dough making sure the butter is completly absorbed into the dough.
One dice of butter at the time till all butter is gone.

At this point your snowflakes cream buns dough should be soft, elastic, smooth and not sticky or irregular in the shape.
Mould it all in one big ball, then place in a large bowl.
Cover the bowl with cling film, as tight as possible.

Let the dough rest in cold oven for about 3 hours.

cream bunsAfter this time the dough should have raised at least double its volume.
Take it out of the bowl and place it back on your working top.

Shape each cream buns with your hands, taking a bit of dough and mould it into a little ball.
I made them fist sized, and got 12 in total. You can make it smaller if you prefer.

Get ready a baking sheet tray, fold it with grease proof paper and oil it with some vegetable oil. Not too much just a bit.

Place all the cream buns in the tray, giving enough space in between each other.
Cover the tray tightly with cling film and place it in cold oven.
Let the snowflakes bombs rise for 2 more hours.

After this time, the cream buns should be double their size at least, and ready to go in the oven. Not before have given them a nice egg wash.
Mix one egg yolk with a bit of milk, and brush it on the cream buns tops.

Bake the snowflakes cream buns at 180C for 18 minutes, 20 minutes tops.
When they’re ready take the tray out of the oven and leave it to cool down.

In the mean time you can start preparing the cream that will fill up your snowflakes cream buns.

Pour the whipping cream in a large enough bowl, together with the sugar, lemon zest and 1tsp of caramel extract, and whip it firmly using an electric blender.
There’s usually an aroma of vanilla with this, but as I wanted to give it my personal touch I have used caramel and it couldn’t be better!

Tip: for a perfectly whipped cream, place the empty bowl in the fridge one hour before using it for your cream.

Time to use that piping bag that you have there in the cupboard.
Put some cream in the bag and, by practicing a little hole at the bottom of each snowflake, fill up each bun.

You can dust it with a little icing sugar on top to finish, just like I did.
Makes these snowflakes cream buns look even better!

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Your snowflakes cream buns are ready to rumble.

cream buns


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