Sage butter gnocchi with a cheesy filling

Italian gnocchi pasta are one of the easiest thing to make, and you will get to see if you try this sage butter gnocchi recipe.

sage butter gnocchi

I learnt how to make gnocchi when I was very young.

Other kids played with play doh, while I used to make pasta. It’s a hard life. I know.
Tagliatelle, orecchiette and of course gnocchi.

My grandma was my cooking reference in matter of pasta.

I remember watching her shaping one gnocchi at the time, with patience, one orecchiette after the other.

Ok I admit it was almost hypnotic, but by all means, also very fascinating.  I just wanted to do it too.

With the same patience she had for handcrafting pasta in the early mornings, she taught me how to make fresh pasta.

Today I will try to pass the same knowledge to you with this delicious sage butter gnocchi recipe.

We are going to get a level up for this recipe though, and make this sage butter gnocchi with a cheesy filling. Exciting uh?


Gnocchi – This unspeakable stranger

First and foremost let me spend few words about the word “Gnocchi”.

Everybody (or at least most people) knows that gnocchi it’s a type of Italian pasta, known and appreciated worldwide.

You can make your own (like I am showing you today) or you can buy ready made gnocchi.

You can bake it, boil it, put it in the soup, or even just stare at it (well..) BUT for pasta’ sake: call it g-n-o-c-c-h-i

Not knoki, nokis, knocki, knockie,nookie or yoki.

I’ve even read somebody calling it nokia pasta (no unfortunately I am not joking) I thought it was a new smartphone or something.


How to make sage butter gnocchi?

There are different ways of making gnocchi.

You can mix in veggies ( like potato, pumpkin, spinach, radicchio or beetroot)  or even special ingredients like squid ink.

For this sage butter gnocchi recipe we will keep it simple.

All you are going to use it’s some  semolina flour mixed with white plain flour and simply water.

No eggs, oil or whatever are used for this mix. 3 ingredients gnocchi!

I suggest you, in general, to grab some flour and make your own gnocchi, rather than buy the ones from the store, unless of course you are in a hurry. They definitely have a whole different consistency and taste all together.

I have made these sage butter gnocchi with a white stilton cheese filling, so they will be slightly bigger than usual gnocchi without filling. They almost look like little potatoes don’t you think?

If you are looking for more Italian inspired pasta recipes why not try my delicious spinach lasagne?

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sage butter gnocchi

Ingredients for 2 serves of sage butter gnocchi

250ml water
125gr coarse semolina
50gr plain flour
150gr white stilton
1tbsp butter
fresh sage


First of all, put the water onto boil and when it starts boiling pour semolina in, whisk promptly and when it solidifies take the pan off the heat. Let it cool down a bit.

On a table put 50 gr of plain flour and the semolina dough you just made. Incorporate all the flour to the semolina, mixing it with your hands.

Take a piece of dough and shape an oval form, flatten it and put a dice of stilton in the middle. Seal it and give it an oval shape like the ones in the photo above.

For a better understanding of this, please watch the sage butter gnocchi video recipe at the bottom of this post, and you will have it more clear.

Put a pan with water and some salt onto boil, this will serve to cook the gnocchi.
When the water is boiling put the gnocchi in the pan, you will understand that they are ready when they will start to float.
If you are wondering how long to cook gnocchi for It should take 4 minutes in total for it to cook anyways. Drain it.

Put 1 tbsp. of butter in a frying pan add some fresh chopped sage and sauté the gnocchi.

Sprinkle with some more sage and a pinch of white stilton crumbles on, and serve these sage butter gnocchi immediately.

Butter and sage gnocchi is ready to be served!

Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it! Find this sage butter gnocchi video recipe on my YouTube channel

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