Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes recipe

This is the season for sugar and spices and roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes too.
When I was a kid my dad used to bring always tons of chestnuts home around this time.
My mom used to cook it in all the way possible.
My favourite where oven roasted chestnuts, just plain and fuss free like nature intended it.
The process was a bit long, but getting roasted chestnuts done at home was the top of luxury. Pretty expensive stuff if you buy it from the street vendor, and you don’t get that many either.

I grew up and I still love chestnuts so much, and now I cook them myself.
The other day I tried a different variation: instead of roasting them with shell on, I peel them and then roast it.

They didn’t go in the oven all alone though.
Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes is the recipe of today.

roasted chestnuts

The texture of roasted chestnuts goes just perfect for this vegetables side dish. It stays soft enough but it’s got that nice bite to it cos it’s oven roasted chestnuts.

As you can see this is a vegetable side that is also vegan, apart from being packed with mineral and fibres. So it will bring everyone’s tastes together.

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Fall in love with how tasty and easy is to make this roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes
Here are the ingredients you need.


Ingredients for 2/3 serves of roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes

1 big sweet potato
100gr uncooked chestnuts
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper




Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes – Cooking method


Wash the potato under cold water to remove all the dirt on the peel.
We are going to keep the skin on, it give much more taste I think. Transfer the potatoes on a chopping board and whit a sharp knife start cutting the potatoes vertically, then into dices. You don’t want them too small.

Sweet potatoes are quite hard in consistency, so be very careful when you chop them cos cutting your fingers never been so easy. I suggest you put a wet cloth under you chopping board, to avoid it moving too much when you chop your vegetables.

When you are done chopping them, transfer the potatoes into a large bowl with ice cold water. This will prevent the potatoes to go darker after you cut them, meanwhile you will take care of the chestnuts.

Get a small sharp knife and start peeling the outer shell and the inside skin of the chestnuts.

Again pay attention to what you do as these are really tricky to handle.

After that, cut the chestnuts in half or smaller pieces if you prefer.

Prepare a roasting dish to go in the oven, where you can put the potatoes and the chestnut without them being just too close to each other.

Take the potatoes out of the water and put them in your baking tray with the chestnut, add a generous drizzle of olive oil, salt flakes, a good sprinkle of black pepper and a nice sprinkle of grounded nutmeg. Give everything a good mix.

You could add one or two bay leaves on top if you like it.

Cover the tray with foil and cook in a preheated oven for about 20 minutes @200C
When this time has passed, take the tray out, get rid of the foil on top and place back in the oven.

Let it roast for 20 more minutes until the chestnuts and potatoes are nice and crispy on the outside.

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roasted chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes ready to be served.

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