Red wine risotto with red cabbage

Today we are going to use two of the most famous food for one of the most memorable risotto ever: red wine risotto with red cabbage.

When it come to risotto, theres never a limited resouce of ideas for ingredients.
You can basically do risotto with everything, a bit like pasta dishes.

When I say everything I mean it, the limit is only your imagination.

Tangy and with a great aroma, this creamy red wine risotto will be one of your favourite on the list, I bet you!

It’s not really expensive to make, and with a medium budget you will get a great main for a perfect dinner.

The big difference for our red wine and cabbage risotto will be done by the rice you will use.
I only reccommend three types of rice.
First being Arborio rice, second is Vialone nano, last but not least Carnaroli.

It’s totally up to you and whichever of these thee you can get your hands on really.
I have used arborio just as a factor of practicality.

Wine is also a very important ingredient for the good outcome of this red wine risotto with red cabbage.
I reccomend to use a cabernet souvignon. Never a sweet or fizzy wine. Not this time anyway.

Enough information now, let’s get going with our red wine risotto. Here’s the ingredients you are going to need.


Ingredients for 2 serves of red wine risotto with red cabbage

100gr Arorio rice
150gr red cabbage
200ml red cabernet souvignon
25gr grated parmesan
1/2 purple onion
500ml vegetable stock
extravirgin olive oil
black pepper



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red wine risotto Red wine risotto: get it done!

Start off by washing the cabbage, then slice it very thin.
Chop the onion in small tiny cubes. I’ve choose to use purple onion cos I find it to have a very distinct flavor that adds up a lot to this risotto recipe. Plus it just blend in well with the natural dye you will get from the cabbage.

In a cooking pan, pour some good amount of extravirgin olive oil and add the onions to it.
Let it fry until slightly golden brown, then add the cabbage and stir all well until is softens.

At this point add the rice to the pan, stirring often to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.

Add the wine, put the heat higher and let it evaporate. It is crucial to stir always here, or else you will burn everything.

When the wine will be fully evaporate, you can put the heat on medium low.
Start adding hot vegetable stock a little by little to the rice.

When the stock you poured in has been fully absorbed add some more. Keep on adding vegetable stock until rice is cooked.
This cooking method is crucial to have a good risotto as it prevents the rice grains from sticking together. Thing that happens when you cook rice in a pot of water.

At this point our red wine risotto is nearly ready, just few more things.

Add grated parmesan for extra creaminess and fix with salt and pepper to taste.

red wine risotto

Here you have a luxurious red wine risotto with red cabbage ready to be served for your special dinner.

This is great accompanied with a good wine like a pinot noir.

Drop a comment in the box below if you have any questions, I will gladly help you.


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