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Halloween is at the doors and in these weeks the halloween fever has start to spread heavyly.
I could not be immune of this of course, especially if that means I get to try new ways of cooking one of the most undervalued vegetables in my opinion: pumpkin.

Starcy, sweet and with a very distinct smell, pumpkin is the halloween ingredient for excellence.
Cheap and chich, is the perfect base for your sweet or savoury recipes.
Fantastic with soups, amazing in cakes.

With halloween as an excuse I went full board and tried to cook one of the most known sweets with a spiced pumpkin touch.
Here’s for you today: pumpkin donut holes.

If you are wondering why just the holes and not just a regular pumpkin donut, well the answer is: why not?
Poor holes they always get neglected, so I have decided to make them the centre of the attention for this halloween treat recipe.

Fluffy pumpkin donut holes spicied with sweet cinnamon and a light touch of warm ginger to bring out all the spirit of this season.

Those of you looking for inspiration for halloween food recipes, be asssured you are in the right palce. If you are looking for a nice halloween treat for kids find here my previous spooky recipes of zombie cupcakes, fluffy vegan pumpkin pancakes or pumpkin tarts.

So get ready and list down the ingredients, today you are going to make some spiced pumpkin donut holes!

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pumpkin donut holes

Ingredients for about 40 spiced pumpkin donut holes

350gr plain flour
80gr caster sugar
50gr of boiled and drained and mashed pumpkin
50ml warm milk
2tsp of dry yeast
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
a pinch of ground ginger
a pinch of nutmeg
2tsp sugar to activate the yeast


How to make pumpkin donut holes

Peel and dice the pumpkin, then place a pan with water onto medium heat and bring it to a boil.
Let the pumpkin cook until it’s soft enough to be mashed.

Start to activate the yeast. Place dry yeast in a glass with 2 tsp of sugar, add warm water up to the half of the glass and stir well. Leave there until it starts to foam up at the top. If you are using fresh yeast skip this phase, by adding 15gr of yeast directly in the mix.
When the yeast starts foaming up is ready to be used.

In a large bowl combine the flour with sugar, the pumpkin, cinammon, a pinch of ground ginger powder and a small pinch of nutmeg.
Slowly add the yeast water in the bowl and start mixing with your hand.

Add the warm milk till you reach a soft but not sticky consistency of the dough.

Keep on mixing until the dough comes to be smooth and elastic.
Place in a clean large bowl, cover the top with a tea towel and leave it to rise in cold oven for about one and half to two hours .
After this time the dough should be double the size.

Pour some sunflower oil in a deep pan and place on the heat.
Shape little dough balls by using two teaspoons and deep fry few at the time. Fry until the pumpkin donut holes have that beautiful golden brown color.

Pass the pumpkin donut holes in cinammon sugar when are still hot. In alternative you can use icing sugar if you prefer, just like I did.
Place onto a serving plate and enjoy on its own or with chocolate or caramel dip.

I am looking forward to know your opinion on this! Please leave a comment and don’t forget.. sharing is caring.

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