Pork loin stakes recipe – easy dinner fix

Under the most easy pork loin stakes recipe category lies this recipe.
Takes about 10 minutes from the pan to the dish and it requires very few ingredients.

This pork loin stakes recipe actually is different from the other. To accompany our meat today we are going to prepare a very special peppercorn sauce. Why special? Cos I have used pink peppercorn.

Now I know most people are used to black peppercorns but trust me, pink peppercorn have got nothing to envy to his cousin. It’s colorful and plentyful of fruity aromas and such nice spicy notes. I even tried infusing this in my tea.
You wanna know? it tasted great!

But for now let’s concentrate our energies into this amazingly easy pork loin stakes recipe though.
Here’s the ingredients list.

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pork loin stakes recipe

Ingredients for 2 pork loin stakes with pink peppercorn sauce

2 pork loin stakes
1tsp pink peppercorn
dried chopped parsley
fresh minced garlic
80ml heavy cream (or creme fraiche)
white pepper
2tbsp butter
100ml milk


You first have to tenderize the meat if you don’t wish to eat something dry and stiff.
So if you have a mallet go ahead and smash the heck out of that pork steaks.
If you actually want to retain more juice and meat volume I suggest vividly you don’t do that. (lol) Put the meat mallet away, and grab a fork and gently pinch the meat with it.

After your loin stakes are all pinched and tender, it’s time to give them a little massage and rub it with salt and white pepper.
This will make the meat get all that nice seasoning.

Get your stainless steel pan on the stove and put 2tbsp of unsalted butter in it.
When the butter starts melting, add the minced garli and let it spread its flavor to the butter. Just before the garlic gets too colored, gently lay you pork loin stakes in the pan.

Let it cook for about two minutes on each side so that it gets that nice brown little crust.

Time for the spices to go in. Add generous sprinkle of chopped parsley, and your whole pink pepper corn.

Add 100ml of milk and the cream to the steaks, and let simmer for 2 more minutes
After this time, the pan is ready to be taken off the heat and your pork loin stakes with peppercorn sauce to be served.

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