Pizzelle fritte – Quick and easy recipe

How do you love pizza? It’s one of my favourite food ever!
I am sure I’m not the only one saying that. I bet it’s the same for you too!

Pizza is the most common street food around italy. Not the only one of course.. there is tons of them!
If you are going to have a tour around Italy, you will soon realize what I am talkin about.
It’s not just fancy restaurants and gourmet food. It’s rather easy to eat on a budget if you know which places to go.

Known and eaten all around the world, pizza it’s prepared and cooked in lots of different ways.

Today you will focus your attention (and taste buds) on a classical evergreen: Pizzelle fritte.

Pizzelle fritte also known as pizzette montanare fritte is a variation of deep fried pizza.
Whilst the latter is a folded calzone that is deep fried instead of being cooked in the oven, the first one it’s deep fried pizza dough topped just like a normal pizza.

Bite sized pizza that you will want to eat even for breakfast, so tasty they are!

In addition it’s cheap to make!

I have used my recipe for the pizza dough, and very soon you will find it here on the blog too.
Until then, you can use your own recipe or if you are desperate to try these ( and you have all my understanding there!) go ahead and use ready made pizza dough.

Though I don’t reccomand and agree with this choice if you wanna use ready made stuff, make sure you come back to read the homemade dough recipe for a real deal taste bud experience. You won’t regret it!
So to make sure you got the best pizza dough recipe ever pin this page to your favs now.

Back on track, let’s see the ingredients you need for some tasty pizzelle fritte!

pizzelle fritte

Ingredients for 10 pizzelle fritte

200gr pizza dough
mozzarella cheese
5tsp tomato puree
250 ml passata sauce
2 garlic cloves
dried oregano
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper


Pizzelle fritte – Get it done

First of all you need to prepare the tomato sauce that will go on top of your pizzelle fritte. A good and rich tasty tomato sauce is a key ingredient to have the best result. I like mine with extra garlic, but for this recipe we are making it standard. We’ ll kill vampires another day.

In a sauce pan heat up some olive oil, make sure it’s extra virgin. It’s the best one and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.
Add 1 minced garlic cloves, let it shallow fry slightly.

Add tomato puree and mix it in with the oil, then slowly add the passata sauce and stir everything together well. Make sure the paste it’s blended perfectly in the sauce.

Fix the sauce with salt and pepper, so cover with a lid. Reduce heat to low and cook for about 10 minutes.

Need help to figure this out? Really?? Ok then, I will leave the video recipe at the end of this post, so that every doubt will be cleared.

Cut the pizza dough in round shapes using either a cookie cutter if you have it, or simply a glass.
If you feel confident enough go ahead and shape it with your hands.

In a frying pan, pour some good amount of sunflower oil and deep fry each disk until lightly golden brown.
One fundamental recommendation goes to the temperature of the oil. Don’t put the heat too high! you will go over smoke point and you will have a overly brown pizza on the outside and raw on the inside! avoid silly mistakes while you can.
Watch the video recipe to acquire my frying technique secret. I expect you to subscribe on my YouTube channel though! Ah!

Leave the pizzelle fritte to drain on a generous amount of paper towel disposed on a plate.

Pizzelle fritte – Time to assemble this goodies up!


pizzelle fritte


Take one pizzette and with a ladle spread a spoon of that delicious tomato sauce you have just prepared.
I made mine with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, garlic and oregano, and mozzarella with sundried tomato and chilli flakes.
Choose and combine your favourite toppings.

Buon appetito!



pizzelle fritte


Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it!
Find this pizzelle fritte video recipe in the video below, and subscribe on my YouTube channel here. It’s free anyway.

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