Pineapple chicken skewers recipe

Is it the music I am listening to or just those glimpse of sunshine, that every now and then remember to shine, but holidays is all I can think about. Better if they are spent on a nice cristaline water sandy beach, right? This inspired totally the recipe for today’s dish: Pineapple chicken skewers.

Light, summery, mess free and 100% delicious.

For those of you that aren’t so keen on using pineapple for savoury dishes, then I got to ask you to leave your prejudice aside towards this sweet, smell-amazing fruit.  Give it a try and you won’t go back.

I was one very skeptical person in the beginning of my adventure in trying different food combinations and  countries cuisine.
Trying pineapple pizza for the first time can be traumatic, and if you are italian, you know what I mean.

Pineapple for me was just a tasty fruit good for weight loss, to enjoy on summer days and of course in Pina coladas. It would never run through my head to pair it with meat or anything else savoury, nevertheless making Pineapple chicken skewers!
Little did I know that I was losing a lot!

So now that you have understood the importance of not denigrate any food without even trying it first, let’s get cracking on to this juicy Pineapple chicken skewers recipe.

Please bare in mind that the meat you are going to use for these Pineapple chicken skewers has to be marinated overnight, so that the flavours really stick to it.. so take that in account before preparing this.

If you are looking for more chicken recipes check this chicken parmesan right here and stay tuned for more amazing meat recipes!

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Pineapple chicken skewers

Ingredients (6 Pineapple chicken skewers – serves 2)

300gr diced raw chicken breasts
1 fresh lime juice
50ml seeds oil
2 garlic cloves
200gr pineapple chunks
fresh coriander


Pineapple chicken skewers – Get it done

Cut the chicken breast into bite sized dices. If you buy already cut chicken dices it’s fine too, less chances for you to cut your fingers.
Grab a medium bowl and put your raw chicken in it.

Finely chop the garlic and add it to the chicken, together with 50ml of vegetable oil, a good chunk of fresh chopped coriander (aka cilantro) and the juice of one fresh lime.

Fix with salt and black pepper. Be generous with the pepper if you like its punchy taste. I love it.

Cover the bowl with a lid, or wrap it with cling film if you prefer, then put in the fridge to marinate overnight.
When you will take the chicken out of the fridge the morning after, you will see that it has changed color to a slight white. Nothing to be worried about, this is normal. It’s just the oil and the lime juice effect on the meat, you are not going to get salmonella.

Grab those skewers/kabobs sticks and let’s get the party started!

Cut the pineapple in chunks if you are using fresh fruit.
Alternate a chunk of chicken to one of pineapple. Proceed like this until you finish all the ingredients.

Put each skewer onto a oven grilling rack, and if you are using an oven dish under it, I suggest you to cover it with foil paper.

It will be easier to wash afterwards as the excess juice will mainly fall on the paper.

Finally grill the Pineapple chicken skewers in a pre-heated oven for 15 min on each side at 190c

Pineapple chicken skewers

And here they are lovely tangy and juicy pineapple chicken skewers!

For a great suggestion on what to serve these pineapple chicken skewers with, make sure you check this pepper slices fried eggs here.

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