Pesto puff pastry appetizers with cheese & tomato

Here’s the easiest and most delicious pesto puff pastry appetizer you could ever find!

When you don’t have time and you are in a terrible rush or don’t have any idea of what to cook, don’t panic.

Come here on the blog and you will always find an easy quick solution for you; and today that solution recipe is called pesto puff pastry appetizers
What on earth are these? well read on.

Quick and easy recipes do not have to be just ok, in fact, because you are using simple ingredients or even leftovers just like I did in this pesto puff pastry case, doesn’t mean your meal wont be as delicious. Right?

How many times have you cooked that wieners with onion pickles omelette, just because that was all you had left in the fridge? Never?

Well great cos I can’t even think of a wieners and onion pickles omelette without passing out!

Leftovers are great, sometimes also to experiment new things. I think I did most of my cooking trial and error testing with leftover, then everything else. Those pesto puff pastry appetizers are one of the best example.

So my advice is: if you buy it, eat it.

Every year in the world there are tons and tons of food waste.
Not only this puts a weight on the environment but also on your conscience, so let’s keep it clean and help the planet: reduce your waste and don’t buy things you aren’t going to use or eat. Easy!


How to make pesto puff pastry appetizers?

The other day I was left with lots of things to do and only one hour to accomplish everything.

Mission impossible. Total panic.

I needed a starter and I only had few things left in my fridge.
Half lemon, tomatoes, cheddar, some pesto from the day before and the usual wrinkly carrot.

Put some creativity to work (not a lot just some) and came up with this super tasty appetizer!
Pesto – who doesn’t like it right? with tomatoes is amazing and to put everything together, cheese is the best thing ever.
This recipe is perfect as an appetizer/starter, a side or even a snack or whatever you wanna call it.

Talking about starters check out these incredibly good mini cheese & tomato quiches and for more delish ideas browse through my starters here.

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Won’t keep it too long, here is what you are going to need for these pesto and tomato pastry envelopes

pesto puff pastry

Ingredients for 6 pesto puff pastry appetizers

x1 Ready made puff pastry
50gr basil pesto
3 cherry tomatoes
50gr grated cheddar
olive oil
black pepper



Usually ready made puff pastry is already rolled out so you will only need to cut it. In this case you are going to need 6 big squares (5 inches each)

Fold the oven tray with some greaseproof paper and place the pastry on it, leaving enough gap in between each pastry square.

With the help of a teaspoon put a dollop of basil pesto on each square of pastry, right in the middle.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place on top of the pesto.
I didn’t seasoned these cos the pesto it’s already quite flavoursome, but if you like you can add some salt.

Top it up with grated cheese (I have used cheddar but you can use whatever you prefer) and then fold the pesto puff pastry appetizers, by pinching together the two opposed corners of the pastry square.
If you didn’t understand what to do, go and check the video recipe at the end of this post (and once you’re there subscribe to my youtube channel too )

Once the envelopes are folded, season with some black pepper, splash of oil and bake these for 25 min at 170c.

You can serve these delicious pesto puff pastry appetizers hot, cold or something in between.

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Pesto puff pastry appetizers – The video recipe


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