Patatas bravas recipe authentic 100%

If you have ever been to spain, you know that you can’t go there and not try one of the most delicious tapas. Today I am showing you one amazing patatas bravas recipe authentic 100%!

What are tapas?
Tapas in Spain is what for the rest of the world is appetizer.
Small portions of food accompanied with a nice glass of wine or a extra cold cerveza (beer)
Patatas bravas, translates with good potatoes, and they really are! Usually accompanied with Aioli sauce, they are great even on its own or with any other sauce you might want to eat them with… spicy mayo for example.

I personally tried one of the best patatas bravas in a nice little tapas restaurant in the centre of Madrid. Really remarkable. I can’t recall the name of it but I will make sure to note it down next time I’ll go there so I can share it with you all.

Although you might find patatas bravas sauce already made in some big grocery stores, I suggest you try to make your own by following this recipe.

Two reasons for this is:
1) You know exactly what it’s inside your sauce
2) Personal satisfaction to have done something from scratch

Without further esitation, let’s get goin on the ingredients list for this patatas bravas recipe authentic 100%
Here’s what you need for some really good patatas bravas.

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patatas bravas recipe authentic

Ingredients for 4 serves of patatas bravas

2 medium/big potatoes
4tbsp of tomato puree
1tbsp of minced garlic
2tbsp of garlic butter
black pepper
smoked paprika


Wash the potatoes carefully and cut them in dices. I always keep the skin on. I find it to taste better that way, but you do as you please.

Keep them in ice cold water with a pinch of salt.
This will prevent the potatoes from turning black.

Bring some water onto a boil and when it’s ready, pour in the potatoes chuncks.
Let it cook, but don’t let them over cook. They should be cooked but not too soft.

In a frying pan put the butter and one table spoon worth of fresh minced garlic. In alternative you can use dried minced garlic, but you will have to soak it for about 15 min in warm water before using it.

Let the butter melt and the garlic to colour up a little ( should not be brown though!) then add the potatoes in the pan.

Let everything fry, tossing the pan often to sautee, so that the garlic goes spread everywhere on the potatoes.

The potatoes should get crispy on the outside. You will understand when they are ready by looking at the edges. If in doubt try one and see if it’s crispy enough for you.

When the potatoes are ready add the tomato pure in and stir everything together so that the tomato gets blended with the butter.

I usually do not add any water cos I like the consistency the tomato pure creates with the butter.

You can add a splash of water if you want the sauce to be more fluid.

Let fry for one or two more minutes, stirring often.
Fix with salt, black pepper and a generous dust of smoked paprika. Stir well to blend all flavours together.

Best served hot, ideal served with alioli sauce.

I am looking forward to know your opinion on this! Please leave a comment and don’t forget.. sharing is caring.

Patatas bravas recipe authentic 100% – Here they are ready to be served!

patatas bravas recipe authentic

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