Pasta recipe with artichoke hearts

Amongst all the pasta recipe with artichoke hearts, this creamy artichoke pasta is my favourite.

pasta recipe with artichoke hearts

I can imagine that for reasons of practicality many of you wont have the time or possibility to get hold of fresh artichokes.
Or maybe you are part of the club that doesn’t want to stain their thumb. Fair enough.

Either way…this creamy artichoke pasta will steal your heart.
You can make it with fresh artichokes or artichokes heart in olive oil, it will taste beyond amazing anyways.

This is a recipe that come straight from my aunt repertoire.
I’ve given it a little twig, and it tastes even better. Sorry auntie.

Without waiting further I leave you with the ingredient list for the best pasta recipe with artichokes heart.

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Ingredients for 2 serves of creamy artichokes pasta

120gr rigatoni pasta
200gr sliced artichokes hearts
200gr mozzarella
150gr grated parmesan
olive oil
black pepper
1 garlic clove
fresh chopped parsley


Assuming that you are using fresh artichokes, you firstly need to peel it.
Get rid of the outer leaves, the hard ones and cut off the steam at the base, and the top of the leaves.
What you want is really just the tender leaves and the core. Once you have it, slice them up and keep them aside for a minute.

In a medium pan pour some good amount of olive oil and the garlic, that you previously chopped. Let the garlic sizzle and when it starts to get color, add the artichokes slices in, fix with salt and pepper and a bit of parsley.
Stir fry it for 30 second or so.

Add 250 ml of hot water to the pan, cover with a lid and let cook until the artichokes are tender. Once they are cooked drain it and set aside.
However, if you are using artichokes hearts in oil skip this whole step.

For this recipe I like to use rigatoni pasta because it feels like it retains whatever sauce you cook it with, a lot better.

Cook the pasta and after that you drain it put it back in its pan.
Season the pasta with a little drizzle of olive oil and then add the artichokes hearts slices to it, the shredded mozzarella and some more pepper if you like.
Give everything a good stir.

Get a large tray and spread with a little butter at the bottom, dust with grated parmesan cheese, then put the rigatoni in it making sure they are leveled.
Cover the whole surface of the pasta with the remaining grated parmesan cheese.

Pasta recipe with artichoke hearts – al forno!

Bake the artichoke rigatoni pasta for 25 minutes @210C

Best served straight out of the oven hot.

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pasta recipe with artichoke hearts

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