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Pasta and potatoes is probably the emblem of poor people’s cuisine. Directly from south Italy this dish has grow some sort of variants during the years.

pasta and potatoes

Modern days have seen the addition of an obscene amout of cheese to this dish, deleteing all together the concept of dish of the poors. For how delicious it can be, i don’t fully agree with putting a lot of cheese in anything.

All you will taste is cheese and if that is all you want just eat it by itself.
This being said, i still enjoy this pasta and potatoes with a balanced amount of grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

Some people add smoked mozzarella to it and some other prefer to bake it to finish off.

I just kept it simple, like the original recipe was.

The process is really easy, in fact this is a dish that cooks all in one pot.
Pretty cool right? less pots to wash. Amazing.

Let’s get cracking on this recipe.
Here are the ingredients you will need for a super tasty Italian pasta and potatoes.

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pasta and potatoesIngredients for 2 serves of pasta and potatoes

1 small onion
80gr smoked pancetta
5 cherry tomatoes
1 medium/big potato
1 small celery stick
250ml hot water
150gr pasta
100gr grated parmesan
black pepper


Firstly start by peeling and dice the potatoes.
A yellow potato will work best for this, but don’t let your creativity at home. Nobody stops you from experimenting this one pot dish with a sweet potato for example.

Wash and peel the celery stalk with a potato peeler to take off all the strings from the core, and after that, cut the onion in small dices too.

Put a deep pan on to the heat and pour in some good extravirgin olive oil.
Add the onion dices and the pancetta.
Let it fry untill everything starts to get golden brown but not too much.

Cut the tomatoes in dices and the celery in small pieces and add both to the pan.
Add the potato in and a generous sprinkle of black pepper. I love black pepper so much that I always end up put some extra!

Fix with salt and give it a really good stir.
Let sizzle for a minute.

Meanwhile boil 250ml of water and add it to the pan.
Stir and let the vegetables cook for 20 minutes over a low/medium heat.

I have used super short spaghetti for this, but you can use whatever small pasta you like. If you can’t fine them in the grocery store just get some regular spaghetti and break them to the size you need.

Choose the pasta you want to use and add it to the pan half way through.
So say the potatoes cook in about 20 minutes, add the pasta to the pan after 10/12 minutes.
This way both potatoes and pasta will finish cooking together, giving the dish that nice and creamy finish it has.

When the pasta is cooked, turn the heat off and add 100gr of grated parmesan.
Give it a good stir to let the parmiggiano cheese to melt and blend in.

Pasta and potatoes cooking tips


pasta and potatoes

For extra flavour and deliciousness dice up the parmesan cheese rind and add it to the pasta in the final cooking minutes.

Sprinkle the top with more parmesan if you wish or a nice touch of copped parsley just like I did.
Your one pot pasta and potatoes italian style is ready to be served.

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