Pan fried cod with creamy lemon sauce

On many tables around the world these festive season will see lots of good dishes come and go. On my table for sure there is this pan fried cod with creamy lemon sauce.

pan fried cod

As you might have noticed I have started a holiday season special, where for all the month of December I will publish one delicious recipe everyday.
I made it to inspire you and share with you fantastic cooking ideas for these special Christmas holidays.

Noone said that festive dishes have to be complicated though. In fact this recipe is the perfect example of simplicity.

This pan fried cod loins are quick and easy, fantastic for a light dinner.
Enriched with luxuriously smooth creamy lemon sauce, my pan fried cod recipe will make you love fish if you don’t already.

I have also tried a salmon version of this dish but I think cod goes a lot better with this type of sauce.

Accompanied with steamed green beans or stir fried broccoli it’s a great idea to impress the guests.

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Let’s get cracking on the ingredients list.
Here’s what you will need.

pan fried cod

Ingredients for 2 serves of pan fried cod loins with lemon sauce

2 cod loin
2tbsp olive oil
2tbsp lemon juice
60ml fresh cream
freshly chopped parsley
1tsp garlic
chilly flakes



Pan fried cod – Cooking method

Prepare the cream lemon sauce first by pouring the fresh cream in a sauce pan with the lemon juice.
Let it warm up over gentle heat.
When it starts bubbling and thickening up a bit, season with salt and black pepper.
Give it a good stir and set aside for a second.

Prepare the fish in the meantime.

In a large non stick frying pan drizzle some olive oil and add the chopped garlic, the chilly flakes and the parsley.

When you will hear the garlic sizzling, lay the cod fillets in the pan.
Do not squeeze it with that fork!
Peple sometimes are tempted to press on fish or meat when they are searing it in the pan.
Don’t be one of them.

When you can see the edges going very lightly golden brown, flip the cod loin and finish cooking
onto the other side.  Don’t keep it there too long.

Place in a serving plate and pour the lemon cream sauce on top.

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pan fried cod

Your pan fried cod with lemon sauce it’s ready!

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