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Happy holidays everyone, its getting closer and closer! This 2019 looks like it’s gonna be a great year! Are you excited? What are your plans?
I was so much happy that today I decide to collect my personal best 3 new year’s eve party food ideas and share it with you all!

These little nibbles are perfect as new year’s eve party food or as new year’s eve dinner appetizers! You choose!

Especially thought for those special holidays when there’s always a thousand and half things to do and never too much to achieve it all.
Holidays can be so good but also bring up a lot of stress.

No stress recipes today as you are going to see the three most easy new year’s eve party food ideas.
Easy and fast to make but also delicious, these appetizers are great for all year around not just for new year’s eve!

If you are looking for more appetizers/side dishes for this Christmas Season check this gooey deep fried brie cheese with cranberry jam or if you are looking for a veggie option, have a look at my baked Brussel sprouts with cheese and nuts recipe.

If you make one of these new year’s eve party food ideas recipes, I would love to see your photos!
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So grab a cup of tea and relax with the reading.

This are my top 3 food ideas for a new year’s eve party.


 new year's eve party food ideas

New year’s eve party food ideas – Cheddar bread sticks

Ingredients for cheddar bread sticks

150gr shredded mature cheddar cheese
1tbsp soft butter
5tbsp cold water
5tbsp of plain flour
2/3 tbsp. of plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1tsp garlic powder
4tsp tomato pure
5/6 fresh basil leaves


 new year's eve party food ideas

I have made these cheddar grissini in two different flavours.
One just cheddar and garlic (which I cut in little squares and you can see them in the second photo) and the other it’s a bruschetta flavour (which I wrapped Parma ham around and you can see them in both photos)
The procedure is the same for both. If you want to make the bruschetta flavoured grissini, then use all of the ingredients. If you want to make the cheese and garlic flavoured use the same exact ingredients apart from the tomato pure and the basil.

The procedure below is for the cheddar and garlic ones.

It’s very easy to make these cheddar grissini, as long as you have a mixer that is.
So grab your working machine and give it something to work for.

Put the grated cheddar in the mixer cup, and give it a first mix.
Add the butter and mix again.
Combine the flour with the baking powder, the garlic and the salt then add it in the mix cup. Blend everything until it goes.
At this point the dough is coming together and it’s time to add the water.
Mix everything for 30 seconds or so.

Dust your working top table, and transfer the dough from the mixer cup to the table.
Add 2 more tbsp. of flour and keep mixing by hand.

The dough will result quite soft so don’t worry it’s normal, it will only need resting in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

After that, take the dough out of the fridge, get a rolling pin and so roll the dough, but don’t make it too thick. Something around 3mm will be ok.

Cut the cheddar grissini in the vertical sense and place them into a baking tray.
Using a toothpick make a few little holes along the surface of each cheddar grissini.

Bake the grissini at 200C for 10 minutes.


 new year's eve party food ideas

New year’s eve party food ideas – Smoked salmon mousse

Ingredients for 2 smoked salmon mousse

250gr smoked salmon slices
250gr cream cheese
black pepper
1/2 lime juice
olive oil


 new year's eve party food ideas

In a little bowl combine the cream cheese with a little drizzle of olive oil, and the juice of 1/2 fresh lime.
After that, add some finely chopped chives to the bowl, then season with black pepper.
Mix everything together with a fork till ingredients are all blended together and the cheese is softer.

Grab a small mould and fold it with 2 salmon slices (depends if the slices are small or big. If they are really big, just one should do) so that the sides gets covered and excess comes out.

Fill up the middle with the cream cheese filling you prepared before, then fold the excess bit in to close and seal the top.

Flip the mould upside down on a flat dish, lift it up et voila!


 new year's eve party food ideas

New year’s eve party food ideas – Firecracker Shrimps cocktail

Ingredients for 2/3 serves of firecracker shrimps cocktail

250gr shrimps
1 extra large egg
120gr natural bread crumbs
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1/2tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp chilly flakes
1/2tsp dried parsley
pinch of salt
pinch of black pepper
siracha sauce


 new year's eve party food ideas

In a bowl combine the natural bread crumbs and so all of the spices listed above.
mix with a fork.
In another small bowl beat one egg seasoned with a pinch of salt.

Bathe the shrimps in the egg first then cover them with the breadcrumbs and spices mix.
Place the breaded firecracker shrimps on a clean flat dish.

Put a good amount of vegetable oil in a deep frying pan, and when its hot drop few shrimps at the time and fry until golden brown.

So crispy and gorgeous!
What sauce to serve with it?
You can obviously serve these firecracker shrimps with whatever sauce you like.
I choose to make a light siracha mayo.

If you want to make it too, all you need to do is to mix siracha sauce with light mayonnaise and there you have it!

 new year's eve party food ideas

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These were my favourite 3 new year’s eve party food ideas, hope you all enjoy it.

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