Lettuce wraps with goat’s cream cheese


There are many things you can do with gem lettuce salad leaves. One of these is to use it instead of crackers biscuits.
It’s delicious, cheaper and contributes towards those 5 a day everybody is on about. Today I have used it to make this beautiful lettuce wraps with goat cream cheese and walnuts.

lettuce wraps

Goat’s cheese is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like it feel free to substitute it with normal cream cheese.

It doesnt take lots of money to make something special, sometimes is really just trying to find the right inspiration to create something different.
And that is why I write those blogs for you: to inspire you to cook new things!
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I personally find that gem lettuce salad leaves are the best thing ever if you wanna get a fancy fingerfood or starter for a special occasion.
That is the reason why i didnt thought about it twice and did this fantastic lettuce wraps with goat cheese and walnuts starter.
Also they look so christmasy that just put you in the mood to get christmas decorations up already!

Talking about that, did you start already decorating your house for holidays? or are you a lazy last minute decorator?
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Lettuce wraps – Christmas holiday’s month special starts now!


These lettuce wraps are a very easy appetizer to put together, as it doesn’t require much preparation.
So easy that you can make it just like 15 min before bringing it to the table!
I don’t suggest to make it a lot before or the lettuce will go soggy, and last thing you want it’s snails food on your table right?

It will for sure impress your guests.
So note these ingredients down and go to the grocery store.
Today you are making gem lettuce wraps with goat cheese and walnuts.
Let’s see together what you have to buy.

If you are looking for more holidays special appetizer like this, stay tuned cos you will see it falling like snow for this month’s holiday special. In the meantime you can check this crazy good mussels recipe!

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lettuce wraps

Ingredients for 6 lettuce wraps with goat’s cream cheese

gem lettuce salad 6 leaves
150gr soft goat cheese (or standard cream cheese)
80gr walnuts
1 small tsp of powdered sugar
pink peppercorns
1/2 lime
black pepper
extravirgin olive oil


Firstly start by washing the salad leaves carefully. Pat them delicately with kitchen paper towel. You want them clean and dry but not broken.

In a small bowl combine the soft goat cheese (or cream cheese) with a sprinkle of black pepper, one small tsp of icing sugar and the juice of half lime.
I have used lime juice instead of lemon cos I think it adds up a lot more of nice zesty notes to the dish.

With a sharp knife chop the walnuts in small pieces and add it to the bowl.
Remember to leave few for decoration.

Using a fork, mix all the ingredients gently to let all flavors blend together.

Take a spoon or a teaspoon and start to fill the lettuce leaves with the cheese.
After that put some cream cheese in the middle of the leaf (check photos for reference)

Sprinkle the top of your goat’s cheese lettuce wraps/boats with more chopped walnut, and some pink peppercorns here and there.
Drizzle over with olive oil and it’s done!

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