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I am always up for a good bowl of pasta. What about you?
I think pasta is such a simple dish but it can always get “complicated” depending on what you want to cook and your gastronomical creativity for the day.
This Lemon shrimp pasta had me dead.

Luxurious linguine pasta tossed in a light fresh tomato sauce.
So good and zesty, a little spicy and saucy enough. All mixed with big juicy shrimps.
Are you hungry already?

As you can see I have kept the concept of this pasta very clear and basic.
As for the tomato sauce is gonna be a special mix of small sweet yellow and red plum tomatoes.
Why? Different taste and your lemon shrimp pasta is gonna look so beautifully colored.

As per usual remember that even if you are cooking a very simple pasta dish for dinner or lunch, the rule of thumb to use is: always use good ingredients.
This goes for everything not just for pasta. Of course.

If you aren’t a pasta lover but really want to use shrimps for your recipe, then why not try this delicious shrimp risotto? find the recipe right here.

The choice of the shrimps you will use for this lemon shrimp pasta, is gonna really determine the taste of the dish.
I suggest you buy fresh ones and peel it yourself.
This way it will give you a bit more work to do, but fresh taste is what you want, so no frozen shrimps allowed.

Time to let this zesty lemon shrimp pasta talk now.
Let’s see together the ingredients you need for this amazing pasta dish recipe.

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lemon shrimp pasta

Ingredients for 2 serves of lemon shrimp pasta

Extra virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves
250gr yellow & red sweet tomatoes
150gr shrimps (big ones)
black pepper
lemon juice (1 lemon)
lemon zest
fresh chopped parsley


How to make lemon shrimp pasta?


Peel two garlic cloves and with a sharp knife mince it in very small pieces. It’s never a good idea to have a big chunk of garlic in your sauce. Unless you want to kill a vampire that is.

Give the plum tomatoes a nice rinse and take the stalks off.
Get the tomatoes on your chopping board and start cutting them in halves, vertical side.
Set them aside for a minute, you will need it in a bit.

Put a large fryin pan on the stove, medium heat, then pour a generous amount of extravirgin olive oil in it.
Add a pinch of chilly flakes and the garlic to the pan and when it starts sizziling it’s time for the tomatoes to go in too.
Garlic is really delicate, all it need is one split second of your distraction and it will burn. So when I say sizzling, doesnt mean that it should get brown.

Toss the pan so that the tomatoes mix well in with the garlicky oil and the chilly flakes.
Let it cook for less than a minute before adding the prawns to the pan.

Add the shrimps to the pan, season with salt and black pepper a give the pan a good toss to mix the sauce.
Peel the zest out of one organic lemon and then squeeze the juice out of it too.
With a teaspoon remove any seed that might have gotten into the juice.

Save the zest for last and add all the juice to the pan.
Give the sauce a good stir and let it cook for one or two minutes over medium heat.

Time for magic to happen.
Cook the pasta and drain it but don’t forget to save a little water from it.

Add the pasta directly into the lemon shrimp sauce pan tossing often to mix ingredients together.
If the sauce is too dry for your tastes, you can add one or two spoons of pasta water.
This will give the sauce more fluidity, but there should’t be any need ot it. Only add water if you prefer it.

Once the linguini is well mixed into the tomato and lemon shrimp sauce, take the pan off the heat.
Give it a nice sprinkle of freshly chopped flat parsley and serve.
Finish your lemon shrimp pasta with lemon zest on top and it’s ready to go.

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