Lemon custard tarts with raspberries

What is the best combination of flavour for the best little dessert ever? nothing else but the freshness of fruit like raspberries and the taginess of lemon. All hold together in a sweet flaky cookie dough cup. In other words lemon custard tarts with raspberries.

Absolutely perfection, lemon custard tarts perfection!
The dough for these lemon and raspberry tarts it’s what makes them so unbelieveable good.
It’s not the usual cookie concept and it takes really little time to be ready.

I have tried for the first time to make some to die for biscuits and I ve immediately fell in love with it.
Custard it’s also slightly different from original recipe. I have changed it to make it a bit lighter.

If you prefer to do every single thing from scratch and prepare your own lemon curd go ahead.You can use ready made for this anyways.

Well let’s get cracking on the recipe.
I have divided the ingredients for the dough and the ones you will need for the filling.

Here is all the ingredients you are going to need for some delicious raspberry and lemon custard tarts.

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lemon custard tarts

Ingredients for about 6 lemon custard tarts with raspberries

for the cookie cups
220gr plain flour
150gr soft butter
80gr icing sugar
1 egg
1tsp baking powder

for the filling
1 egg
100gr sugar
1tbsp corn starch
200ml lukewarm milk
4tbsp lemon curd
fresh raspberries


You better start off doing the custard first so that it cools down while you prepare the dough later.

In a deep sauce pan, crack one whole egg, then add the sugar and the starch.
Whisk everything well until the mix is fluffy and smooth.

Keep on wisking and add bit by bit the milk to the mix.
The milk needs to be warm and too hot or you will have scrambled eggs instead of custard.

When all the milk has been added, bring the pan onto the heat, set it on low and keep stirring with a whisk or a wooden spoon.
You got to be careful to stir well so that the custard wont form little bits and bobs in it.

The end result should be a thick and smooth sauce.
When it’s ready take it off the heat and leave to cool down.

In the mean time you can prepare the dough.
Process is really easy, and the dough doesn’t need to be mixed for too long.

Start with mixing the butter with icing sugar then add the egg.
Remember that the butter should be soft (the softer the better) but not melted.

Combine together the flour with baking powder then add it to the butter and sugar mix.
Mix the dough to blend ingredients together until the butter is incorporated, but don’t overwork it.
Cling film it and let rest in the fridge for 15/20 minutes.

Back to the custard that should be cool enough now.
Add 4tbsp of lemon curd and wisk it well to incorporate it to the custard.
Wash the raspberries under cold water and put them on absorbent kitchen paper to get rid of excess water.

Grab your faithfull muffin tin and grease each cases with a tiny bit of butter.
Take the dough out of the fridge.
Roll it with a rolling pin to half centimeter thick and cut as many disk of dough as you need.

Lay each disk in each case, to form a cup.

Lemon custard tarts: baking time!

Bake in a preheated oven for 12 minutes @170C
When the cup will be ready, take them out of the oven let them cool down totally.

Fill each tart with the lemon custard you prepared before and garnish with fresh raspberries.
A light dust of icing sugar and this dessert is ready to be devoured in one bite only!

Just in case you are wondering, yes you can keep it in the fridge. Always put it in an air tight container and consume within 2 days.
My lemon custard tarts didn’t last 2 hours!

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