Cold seafood salad recipe

This cold seafood salad recipe is one of the must have on my family’s table for christmas. It doesn’t matter if it means that I have to go and catch the octopus myself in the cold waters of the the artic sea.. No excuses, the seafood salad has to be present, I am oblidge to cook it!

Don’t get worried please, you can make this seafood salad with octopus that you find at your local fishmonger shop, I am sure.
And if they don’t have it fresh, then I guess frozen will have to do.

My recipe for this mixed seafood salad has the ingredients cooked separately and in different ways.
A special preparation that gives it that distinctive delicious taste.
Despite that it is really easy to put together.

You can also cook the octopus and squid few hours ahead and then use it when you need it.

Sometimes and especially in those cristmas holidays one has to multitask.
When it comes to food and if you have guests multitasking is vital, but you also need to find 5 minutes to wind down and leave every unnecessaries worries outside the main door.

So make these five minutes be it, grab a cup of coffee and read on this recipe.
You will be more relaxed and also learn how to make a delicious mixed seafood salad italian style.

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These are the things you need to buy for the best seafood salad ever.

seafood salad

Ingredient for mixed seafood salad

1 medium/big octopus
2 big squids
about 20 big shrimps
50gr green nocellara olives
50gr black taggiasche olives
fresh chopped garlic
extra virgin olive oil
fresh lemon juice
fresh chopped parsley
black pepper



Seafood salad – cooking method

As I have mentioned above, you better off cooking the octopus before everything else.
It takes obviously a little longer to be cooked properly that all the other seafood you are using for this salad.

If you are using frozen octopus you might want to take it out the freezer to let it defrost naturally without any microwave intervent.

Start by cutting straight where the head starts, and separate it from the tentacles.
Empty it from everything that is in it.
Wash off the octopus in cold water carefully. Clean it from sand and other residues that might still be present.

Put the octopus in a large enough pan with roughly 250ml of water.
Place the pan over gentle heat and cover it with a lid.

The octopus is going to cook in his own water as they say, so just leave it there as it is and don’t add anything else to it.
Check every now and then when it is cooked by pinching it with a fork.
It should take around
Undercooked is as hard as rocks, but don’t over cook it or it will be like eating chewing gums.

Whilst the octopus it’s in the pan cooking, you can use this time to prepare the squid and the shrimps.

You can use a grilling pan if you have it, or just grill using whatever pan you usually use.
Clean the squid by thaking off everythin that it is present inside of it.
Don’t get rid of the tentacles of course!

Cut it open on one side vertically, and then chop in half orizontally.
Do the same for the other one then grill them both. Grill the tentacles too.
If the pan is a non stick you won’t need to grease it.

When you finish with that, grill the shrimps in the same pan.
I usually grill them with the shell on, so they dont loose too much volume.

So get rid of the heads, wash it throug and then grill it.

In the mean time the octopus should be ready, and it’s time to take it out from the pan and place in a flat dish.
Wait few minutes before chopping it cos it is obviously going to be mega hot!

When it is cool enough, chop it starting from the tentacles.
Cut in pieces of the size you want. Same with the head.
Place in a bowl to cool down furter.

Cut the squid in small pieces too and add it with the shrimps to the bowl.
Leave to cool down further.

A word for the olives…

I recommend to use these two types of olive cos I find them to have the best taste.
I am not sure you can find them where you are, in case you don’t, you can swap the Taggiasche olives for the most common Kalamata olives.
The only thing I don’t recommend is to use olives already pitted that come in brine.

Prepare the seafood salad dressing proceeding this way.

In a small bowl pour a good amount of olive oil possibly extra virgin.
Squeeze the juice out of two lemons, get rid of eventual seeds and add it to the oil. Chop one garlic clove and some fresh parsley very finely and add it to the bowl too.

Finally season with salt and black pepper.
Wisk everything together until so that the lemon juice and the oil make one nice thick dressing.

Grab the bowl where you put the seafood in and add the olives to it, then pour all of the dressing on it and stir to distribute it evenly.

Keep the seafood in the fridge until you need to bring it to the table.

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