Italian almond cookies recipe

Are you looking for the best Italian almond cookies recipe? you are in the right place.

I have baked this lovely cookies and I had absolutely to share my Italian almond cookies recipe with you all on this special day!

Merry Christmas everybody! What are you programs for the day?

I was born and bred with coffee and soft almond cookies and when I was a kid. I always used to pass by those beautiful Italian coffee shops, my eyes where captured by the bright colours of the cherries that decorated them.

Red and green as a good Christmas tradition requires, these typical Italian almond cookies are the top of the top. A must have around this time. A must have Italian almond cookies recipe!
Fantastic enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or tea if you prefer.

Italian almond cookies recipe

I couldn’t find the green coloured glace cherries, but my brain thanked god for that.
No colouring is always better I guess.
Instead I have tried two other variations apart from the classic red glace cherries ones.

These soft Italian almond cookies are sweet, a bit chewy and packed with that amazing almond flavour that will drive you crazy. As soon as you finish one, you will want another!
Addiction alert on, this is gonna be the best Italian almond cookies recipe you’ll find on the web!

In my family it was never tradition to make these almond cookies from scratch.
My mum thinks at it as the most impossible thing to achieve in life.
So she always bought it ready made from her trustworthy bakery.

So many years have passed and today I am proving her wrong: these almond cookies really are the easiest thing to achieve, and here I am with my very own Italian almond cookies recipe for you.

Only 4 ingredients required for the best crazy good almond cookies ever.

This Italian almond cookies recipe is with whole almonds but you can definitely swap it with almond flour or grounded almonds.
Make this lovely almond cookies today and save it in an air tight container to find it as good as freshly baked even after 3/4 days.

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These are the only ingredients you need for the best Italian almond cookies recipe.

Italian almond cookies recipe


Ingredients for about 20 almond cookies

125gr caster sugar
125gr peeled almonds
1 small egg white
1tsp almond essence



With this ingredients amount you should get about 20 cookies.
Though if you want to make more just double up the ingredients.
A side note goes to the egg whites.

It might look like at first there’s in much of it and the cookie dough will look really dry.
This isn’t the case though.
Once you have mixed the dough properly it will all come together and how it should be.
Do not be tempted to add more egg white. If you want to avoid a disaster, just don’t add more.

This being said let’s make some Italian almond sugar cookies.

In the food processer’s cup put the whole almonds, peeled.
Press the button and see the almonds come to crumble.
Do not let the mixer on too long or the almonds will start release their oil with the warmth of the machine motor going.

Add now the sugar, the almond essence and the egg white to the cup.
Blend until the mix comes together.

This almond cookie dough should be soft and at first sticky.

Italian almond cookies recipeSo now wet your hands with cold water and be ready to shape some almond sugar cookies!
You can also put the dough through an icing pipe, if it is resistant enough and give the cookies some cuter shapes.
I preferred to shape the cookies by hand only due to matters of time, but you do as you please.

I have made these almond sugar cookies in three ways.
My personal favourites of all time amongst them all.

First almond cookie batch was dipped in and dusted with lots of icing sugar.
I gave them a shape on the top by pinching the extremities with my fingers.

The second row of almond cookies was just a standard round shaped (just like a thumbprint cookie) to which I have added a glace cherry in the middle.

The last set of almond cookies was made differently.
I have added one small teaspoon of instant Nescafé espresso coffee powder right in the cookie dough and give it another mix by hand.

Whilst I was there I also made myself a cup of coffee.

Shaped those in an oval shape and I added a chocolate coffee bean in the middle to decorate.

Place the cookies in a foil baking tray and remember to leave enough gap in between each cookie.
Cling film the tray and place in the fridge to set over night.
This step it’s essential so take this in account when making these almond cookies.

Once the cookies are set it’s time to bake it, but make sure to preheat the oven first and foremost.

Bake the almond sugar cookies @190C for 12 minutes

Though they might still look pale trust the time and don’t cook it longer or they will get too hard to eat.

Another essential step is to leave the almond cookies to cool down completely before attempting to take them off the tray.

Aren’t these almond cookies just perfect for Christmas?
I love them!

Enjoy your almond cookies and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Italian almond cookies recipe

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