Homemade granola recipe – tasty breakfast

This is gonna be a very sweet and short kind of post.
Sweet cos I am gonna show you a very quick homemade granola recipe.
Short cos guaranteed it’s gonna finish in no time.

How do you like your breakfast?
Back in the days, I used to have little cake slice for my breakfast. Then I stopped having breakfast all together. Now it’s only black coffes. Not healthy at all, I know.

I have started to change that and if you are like me you better do that little change too. Afterall breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? and with this homemade granola recipe you will never skip breakfast again!

Oats it’s a permanent guest in my cupboard, together with sultanas and some kind of nuts.
On the whole these are the best things to have an healthy, rich in fibre kind of breakfast.

Mixed in milk or natural white yogurt, gives you the right kick of proteins too.

The other day I decided to make things just a bit tastier.
Won’t be cake that is for sure but it’s equally tasty if not more.

Are you ready for the sweetest homemade granola recipe?

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Ingredients for 300gr of homemade granola

200gr Oats
60gr Pecan nuts
60gr Sultanas
50gr chopped hazelnuts
2tbsp candied orange peel
2tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
3tbsp sugar
honey syrup


In a large bowl put the oats, all the nuts, the sultanas and the orange peel.
If you can’t find it candied you can use normal orange peel. It’s fine anyways.
Add the cinnamon, the sugar and the nutmeg.
The nutmeg will give it that extra kick, that you will for sure appreciate.

Add some honey syrup to the mix and give everything a good wisk.
Add as much honey as needed. The mix should not bee too moist nor too dry.

In a baking sheet pan put some greaseproof paper and oil it well.
Lay the granola on the tray and level it up so that it’s one inch thich more or less.

Bake the granola for 15/20 minutes at 190C


Homemade granola ready to eat with some nice Greek yogurt and fresh fruits.

homemade granola recipe


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