Focaccia pizza – How to make focaccia bread

Focaccia is one of the best and worldwide known Italian type of bread. Also called focaccia pizza, cos it’s quite similar in look to its cousin.

Though similar to pizza, the recipe and consistency, therefore also the texture, of focaccia pizza is completely different.
There are various type of this simple yet delicious savoury rich bread.
The most basic focaccia pizza is a thin crust seasoned just with olive oil and coarse sea salt.
Rosemary and potatoes, mozzarella and artichokes, prosciutto and wild rocket.. the possibility are endless really.

Today we are gonna focus on the most appreciated kind of focaccia pizza ever.

Plum tomatoes, black olives and oregano focaccia pizza.
This focaccia is usually made by using san Marzano tomatoes.
Since it’s not really easy to find them, (or at least doesn’t seem easy for me)  and usually are expensive if you do find them, I made a little variation. We are going to use plum tomatoes instead.

Lots of people use tinned whole tomatoes but I think fresh vegetables work a whole lot better.

Tested and approved by adults and kids, this focaccia pizza makes a wonderful side, snack or brunch.

I confess of being guilty: I had it for breakfast several times in the past.

Without further ado let see what you need for this majestic piece of gastronomy art.

focaccia pizza

Ingredients for one focaccia pizza ( 40x20cm baking tray )

125gr plain flour
125gr semolina
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp sugar
15gr fresh yeast
40ml sunflower oil
180ml warm water
plum tomatoes
black olive
olive oil


Start by mixing the two flours together, semolina and plain white flour. Add the salt, the sugar, sunflower oil and 15gr of fresh yeast.
Start mixing and add little bit of water as you go along.
Mix the dough, which should result soft and elastic.

Cover the dough with a wet cloth and let it rise for 1 hour. After this time, remove the cloth and roll the dough enough to fit a 40x25cm baking tray.
Grease the tray with some olive oil and lay the dough in it.

Press your finger tips onto the dough to give it a bit of texture. Lay the tomatoes and press them into the dough.

I left it whole, but it’s up to you if you want to cut them in half.
Repeat the same process with the olives. Do not forget to pit them before using it.

Pour a good splash of olive oil on top of the focaccia pizza and sprinkle with salt and oregano.
Let it rise another hour in the tray.

Bake the focaccia pizza @200C for 40 minutes.

focaccia pizza

Amazing hot or cold. Plain or filled with ham, cheese or whatever you want.
Enjoy your freshly baked italian focaccia pizza. Buon appetito!

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