Flavoured vodka recipes – Candy cane

In a full holiday spirit (lol) amongst all the flavoured vodka recipes I have tried, today I want to share this candy cane flavoured vodka with you.

Have you have tried any flavoured vodka recipes before? No? well if you are here reading this it means that you are willing to try one!

It’s extremly easy to make and it will give that cute christmas look to your drinks.
With this candy cane flavoured vodka recipes I officially open up the drink recipes category here on the blog.

Just as an anticipation there will be more recipes added soon.
Not just alcoholic but also non alcoholic, special coffees, slushies and everything you can put in a glass really..because…why not?
So stick around!

flavoured vodka recipes

Back with our candy cane flavoured vodka recipes, just want to make clear that this isn’t an instant one like somewhere else is shown with other flavours.
I personally think that for this candy cane flavoured vodka to really taste like candy cane it needs to infuse long enough to melt in the alcohol.

This being said bare in mind that this will take few days to be ready before you can drink it.

Are you ready for a Christmas celebration drink?

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flavoured vodka recipes


35 cl unflavoured Vodka
2 medium Candy canes
Clean clear bottle



The process for this flavoured vodka recipe is extremly easy.
Firstly you need to crush the candy cane in small pieces and gather it a small bowl.

The bottle you will use to store this should be clean and dry inside, so after making sure of this, feed the candy cane pieces down the bottle.

With the help of a funel, pour all the vodka in the bottle with the candy cane.
Remember not to fill it up to the edge.
Leave 5/6 cm gap to the top.

Close the bottle with the cap tighlty ( if its one of those air tight even better, but not necessary) give it a really good shake.

Store the bottle in a place out of your kids reach and away from heat.
Leave the flavoured vodka to set for 4 days before drinking it.
Remember to shake the bottle several times through out the day.

Depends on sweet you want this flavoured vodka drink to be, you can add more candy cane pieces in it.

To decorate the shots glasses like I did just dip the edge of the glass in lemon juice or straight on the half lemon, then in the sugar.

Enjoy this candy cane flavoured vodka chill and most importantly, always drink responsibly!!

flavoured vodka recipes

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A nice candy cane flavoured vodka shot, cheers!


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