Egg burger – best alternative to boring burgers


Tired to eat always the same burger?
Try the egg burger!

My special recipe today was concieved after a desperate temptative to go through a burger menu at the pub and try to choose something that wasn’t too boring.
Very hard task!

After that, two new burger recipes were born. The first is my vegan version of a burger made entirely of tofu. You can find it here.

Today I am gonna show you the second, which is my special egg burger.

When meat is not an option for you, or you just feel like trying something new.
Though obviously this is not a vegan or vegetarian option is still pretty different.

You agre going to need some non stick food rings to get that burger shape, and a non stick pan too.

So get your tools together, grab the apron and let’s cook!

egg burger

Ingredients for the best egg burger ever

brioche bun
2 eggs
4 slices of ham
20gr grated mature cheddar cheese
dried parsley
black pepper
tomato slices
mixed leaves salad
garlic mayo


Start with cutting the ham in dices, and set aside.
Grab a small bowl and crack the eggs open in it.

Season with salt, black pepper and dried parsley. Beat the eggs finely. Add the chessar cheese and the ham to it.

Grease a non stick pan with some sunflower oil and put it on medium/low heat. Oil the food ring as well, then place it in the middle of the pan.
When the pan is hot enough, pour the eggs mix inside the ring.

Let the eggs cook, and when it is almost firm through the middle, it’s time to flip it onto the other side.

Place a flat dish on the ring, then flip the pan to release the ring in the dish.
Put the ring with the egg back in the pan. Let cook until taking off the ring, the burger stands on its own without collapsing.

Time to put your egg burger together.

I have used a really good garlic mayonnaise, i think the peculiar taste of garlic goes really good with this special egg burger.
Cut the brioche bun in the middle.

Spread a generous amount of mayo ot the bottom part, then add some mixed salad leaves.
I prefer this to lettuce, it gives a little peppery kick to the whole thing.
Add some sliced tomatoes, then place the egg burger on top.

I’ve added a little more mayo on the other side of the bun, just to make sure it was saucy enough.
Top it up with the other half bun and there you have it.

Egg burger ready to be devour.

egg burger

Did you try this recipe?
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