Easy Spanish tortilla recipe – authentic recipe from Spain with love

Are you trying to put up a spanish food theme party or are just nostalgic of this delicious Spanish omelette you had whilst on holidays in vibrant Barcellona or beautiful Madrid? Then you just can’t miss this authentic spanish tortilla recipe.

spanish tortilla recipe

Tortillas are like the emblematic food of Spain and the queen of tapas.
There are lots of different varieties of this Spanish tortilla recipe.
Some people like to add olives or chorizo, right in the egg mix, other people make it with ham.

I have used just cheese as a little bonus ingredient, but today I am gonna show you the base recipe for this simple yet substantious food.

Crispy base of sliced potatoes and soft fluffy and cheesy egg omelette on top.
You can already see why this spanish tortilla recipe is my all time favourite.
It’s really easy to make, cheap and cooks in very little time.

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Let’s see what are the ingredients needed for a fantastic thick and soft spanish tortilla recipe.


Ingredients for one Spanish tortilla (serves 4)

4 large eggs
1 medium/ small potato
1/2 diced onion
black pepper
1small tbsp butter


Start by peeling and slice up the potato.
This will be the base of your tortilla, so it’s important not cutting the slices too thin (or too thick) if they are too thin they will brun up easily, and if they are too thick the opposite might not cook trhougly. Set the potato aside for a second.

After that you can chop the onion in small dices. In a small frying pan pour a little oil and let the cook until soften.

Get the eggs mix done in the meantime.
Crack the eggs open, place into a deep bowl with the cooked diced onions. Fix with salt and pepper, and mix well by beating the eggs with a whisk until fluffy and smooth.
I have also added about 50gr of grated parmesan cheese to it, though the original spanish tortilla recipe does not have that.

On to the potatoes now.

In a frying pan put the butter and let it melt gently.
When it is melt lay one by one the potato slices to cover totally the bottom of the pan.
The edges will get golden brown so that is what you want.
I like to have the potato slices crispy on both sides so I flip them once they are cooked on one side.

When the potatoes are getting that nice golden brown color, it’s time to pour the eggs in.
The heat at this point should not be on high, or what you will have is burnt potatoes and raw eggs.

Distribute the eggs eavenly, with the help of a spatula.
When the tortilla will start to get together, and you will notice cos the eggs going solid of course, it’s time to flip it around.

This is a bit tricky so try to be careful.
Cover the pan with a flat dish and use it to flip the tortilla on the other side.
Let it fry until the eggs are totally cooked.

Bare in mind that the smaller is the pan and the thicker will be the tortilla.

Spanish tortilla recipe: Ready!

spanish tortilla recipe

Serve on its own or with your choice of either chorizo, ham, machengo cheese.

Mandatory to taste this delicious spanish tortilla dish with a nice glass of Spanish Rioja.

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There you have the best spanish tortilla recipe!

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