Deep fried seafood? Yes please!

When it comes to deep fried seafood I just can’t say no.
I make seasoned deep fried seafood as appetizers for my New year’s eve dinner guests every time and everybody seem so be well pleased by it.

It only takes few things you already have in the pantry I am sure.
I like to call it fast food, cos it takes nothing, to make this delicious and crispy deep fried seafood mix.

When I say deep fried seafood mix really means you can do it with whatever seafood you like best.
I, for example, love fried Squid and king prawns.

This deep fried seafood mix is one of those things that you have to eat on the spot.
Was so distracted by its fantastic smell that I basically forgot to take more photos!

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deep fried seafood

Ingredients for seasoned deep fried seafood mix

1/2kg mixed seafood
200gr plain flour
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp. black pepper
1tsp smoked sweet paprika
1tsp. garlic powder




No rocket science here, as I have said already process is so fast it’s unbelieveable!

Firstly have all of your seafood nice washed and clean.
Once you have done with that, keep it all in one big bowl.

In the meant time you can prepare the the seasoned flour.
Add all the flour in one bowl then place all the seasoning listed above in it too.
Give it a stir.

Drain the seafood from excess water and mix it in the flour to coat it fully.
You aren’t going to use any eggs here so make sure to coat every bit with the flour.

Use a sieve or a colander to shake off the excess flour and then deep fry the seafood in small batches in hot vegetable oil. Make sure the oil is hot enough or you’ll end up having a soggy mess.

Serve hot with fresh lemon wedges.

This is especially good as it is, but if ou wish to use any sauce maybe you will want to try this deep fried seafood with some nice alioli sauce.

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