Deep fried brie with cranberry sauce

There’s lot of talking about either you should or not eat the white crust of brie cheese.
I guess that it’s a personal choice that revolves around taste only, that’s it.
Eat it if you like it, ditch it if you don’t. Easy.
For this deep fried brie and cranberry sauce appetizer, I have decide to leave the crust on.


deep fried brie


Deep fried brie is what most scandalously tasty ( and fatty I know) there is on earth.
While I do not suggest you to eat fried cheese everyday (or fried anything for what it matters) this really is a delicious cheesy appetizer you can indulge on when a special dinner occurs, or for the coming Christmas holidays dinner for example.

Deep fried brie it’s extremely easy to prepare, the only difficoult thing to do will be trying not to eat it before you serve it!

This is not made with batter but instead a flaky coat of egg and flour.

I have accompanied those deep fried brie cheeese nibbles with a classic yet fantastic cranberry sauce to go with it and it’s the best combination ever.
A warm and sweet cranberries sauce to spoil yourself a little more.
Obviously made from scratch! (more work so you can shed a few calories, lol)

So read on and see what you need for the gooyest deep fried brie and cranberries sauce starter!

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Ingredients for 2 serves of deep fried brie and cranberries sauce

200gr french brie cheese
100gr all purposes flour
2 eggs
black pepper
150gr white sugar
150gr fresh cranberries
1 lime juice


Deep fried brie – Cooking method

You better off prepare the cranberries sauce first then deidcate yourself to the cheese nibbles.

Wash the cranberries with cold water.
Squeeze the juice of one lime and take all eventual seeds out.

In a sauce pan place the sugar and the lime juice. Just before the sugar starts to bubble up add the berries and stir often with a spatula.
Mash the cranberries with a fork when they’ll get soft.
Add a splash of water if you think is needed (if the sauce gets extremely thick)

Reduce heat and cook until the sauce is thick to your liking.
Pour the sauce in a serving jar or whichever container you use for sauces.

Onto the deep fried brie cheese now.

As I was saying before, there are adverse opinion on the white crust. I personally eat brie with the crust. Nothing oblidges you to do the same though.
Do really whatever makes you feel better.

Cut the brie in cubes of equal size.
In a bowl put the flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

Dip the brie cubes in the flour first, then in the egg wash, then in the flour again.
This double coating will make sure not only that you get a nice crispy brie but also that the cheese doesn’t melt in the oil.

Put a deep pan with some good amount of vegetable oil over medium heat and when it’s warm to the right point, start frying the brie cheese.

I suggest to always fry few pieces at the time. It’s easier and the oil doesn’t go as dark as if you would put the cheese bites in, all in one go.

Drain the excess oil from the french brie cheese on kitchen paper towel.
Serve the deep fried brie nibbles immediately, with the cranberries sauce you prepared before.

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deep fried brie

Enjoy your deep fried brie nibbles with cranberry sauce!

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