The creamiest creamy tuna pasta recipe ever

This is a recipe for the most creamiliscious creamy tuna pasta ever: read on to your own discretion.

creamy tuna pasta

If I would have to choose one of my favourite sauce ever for pasta, then this creamy tuna pasta would be it. This and definitely vodka sauce pasta too.

Creamy tuna pasta it’s 100% deliciousness and bliss.
In the beginnin I wasn’t too sure about this combination but I have tried it and I never left it since!

The tuna just works fantastic for this creamy tomato sauce.
I advise you to get hold of some natural tuna in water and not the one in oil. I just find it to be tastier and lighter. The tuna in oil makes the sauce look like an awful lake of oil in you plate.

Also I reccomend to use the extra thick cream for this creamy tuna pasta.
Some people like to use starch to thicken up their sauces but I think this is the best solution. Definitely never use any type of starch for this creamy tuna sauce.

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I won’t make you wait too long, let’s see together what you need for a super tasty creamy tuna pasta.

creamy tuna pasta

Ingredients for 2 big serves of creamy tuna pasta

120gr uncooked penne rigate pasta
2 natural tuna cans
100ml thick double cream
20gr tomato puree
1 small onion
olive oil
black pepper


Creamy tuna pasta – cooking method

In a large frying pan pour some olive oil enough to cover the whole boottom of the pan.
Dice up the onion into small dices, and then add it to the pan to shallow fry. Leave it there till it’s golden brown.

Open the tuna cans and discard that water it comes with.
Put it in the pan and flake it up with a fork. You can do this in a small plate and then add it to the pan if you find it easier.

Let the tuna mix with the onion and shallow fry for a minute, stirring every now and then.
This will allow flavours to blend together.

Add the tomato pure, and stir it in well. It is easy to burn this up if you don’t stir continously, so don’t get distracted.

Reason why you are gonna use the pure instead of the passata, for example, is cos you dont want too much water going on. Also the pure makes the sauce richer.
In the case you can’t really do otherwise, you can use passata sauce. Five or six table spoon will do.

Time to pour in the double thick cream that will seal all the ingredients together.
Add salt to taste and a generous amount of black pepper. Let it cook for few minutes until the sauce gets thick enough.

Stir often. Do not cover with lid.
In the mean time put water onto boil and cook the pasta al dente.

Drain the pasta and add a couple of ladles of sauce straigh into the pasta pan.
Stir well so the sauce is spread everywhere on the pasta.

Place the penne in a serving plate and put some more creamy tuna sauce on top.
Sprinkle some fresh chopped parsley on top if you like it and serve immediately.

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creamy tuna pasta

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