Creamy sausage pasta with leeks

Introducing to you today the best creamy sausage pasta with leeks recipe ever!

sausage pasta

The good thing of cooking pasta is that you can try and experiment new sauces or condiments everytime.

Some will work better than others for sure but in the end is always good to try and see it for your self. That is what cooking really is. This creamy sausage pasta really was one of those experiments.

This reminds me the first time I have ever used milk to cook my pasta. I was ten years old and I didn’t even used to drink milk for breakfast so, really not sure what pushed me to do it.
I must have had some kind of brave heart attack I guess.

But you know what? what my mum thought it was gonna end up in the trash bin, actually went really well.
She was glad she had let me try cooking.

Reminescenses of that day brought me to try again something I m not quite keen on: sausages. Don’t ask.

As I was saying earlier there are some things that are meant for each other, and let me say that leek and sausages work amazing together. Best couple ever!
To seal the deal i have used what i think is the best type of pasta for this dish. I am talking about fusilli.
Short twisted pasta that will make you like this creamy sausage pasta even more.

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Without further additions let see togheter what are the things you need for a super delicious creamy sausage pasta with leeks.


Ingredients for 2 serves of creamy sausages pasta and leek

120gr fusilli pasta
4 pork chipolata sausages
1 small leek
4tbsp cream cheese
1tsp butter
white pepper

Pour some good butter in a frying pan (about 1tsp) and gently let it melt over low medium heat.
Because of sausages, that is obviosly got some fat of its own, do not go overboard with butter. The fat from sausages will melt and if you pour too much extra oil, pasta will end up drowning in the oil and instead of having a creamy sausage pasta you will have a sausage fat pasta. Poor pasta. Not nice.

With a sharp knife cut the leek in two halves, in the vertical sense, and wash it carefully.
Sometimes the dirt hides in between the layers and you can’t see it.

When the leek is dirt free, bring it back to the chopping board and then finely chop it in slices.

Add the leek slices in the pan and stir fry it on a medium heat for 1 minute or until it’s soft.

Add the sausages that you previously deprived of its outside skin, then with a fork try to break them in little pieces.
Fix everything with salt and pepper to your taste.
After that let it cook througly stirring often.

In the meantwhile cook the fusilli pasta and drain it well, add it directly in the pan with sausages and leeks and mix all together so that the juice will season the pasta.
Add about 3 or 4 cream cheese spoon in and mix well.
Serve with a good sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese or dried parsley.

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Enjoy the best creamy sausage pasta with leeks!

sausage pasta

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