Creamy root vegetables soup – The recipe

What’s better than a nice bowl of comforting soup after a long working day? A creamy root vegetables soup of course.
It’s creamy and it’s just lovely, tasty and easy to prepare.

I am not quite root vegetable friendly, root vegetables crisps was the closest i got to eat this earthy nutrient kind of vegetables.
As I m trying to aim for a greener lifestyle though, I couldn’t miss out on this creamy root vegetables soup. One has to try right?

So the other day I just went straight to the fresh vegetables isle at the supermarket.
Turnips, carrots, swede, parsnip, potatoes and onions were stupidly cheap to buy.

Caught by the fascinating offer, I bought lots of veggies, amongst other things.I ended up with 1kg and more of root vegs in the cart and a new set of arms muscles from carrying the grocery bags home.

That was a lot of vegetables and I really had to find a creative way to eat it all.
Three new recipes are born from this shopping session.

A curry dish, this creamy root vegetable soup and my personalized version of Spanish tortilla.
So stay tuned and don’t miss on that.

The recipe you’re going to see today though, it’s the creamy root vegetables soup.
I’ve tried to keep it as light and healty as possible.
Even if I ve used cream, there’s no cheese in this.
Cheese lovers don’t feel left out though, this is just as tasty as if it was cooked in a parmesan cheese wheel.

Let’s see together what you need to make this tasty comforting chowder.

creamy root vegetables soup

Ingredients (for 2 creamy root vegetables soup bowls)

150gr mixed root vegetables
1 small onion
1 tea cup of vegetable stock (180ml)
50ml double cream
30ml milk
olive oil
black pepper
1tsp mild curry powder

How to make creamy root vegetables soup

Pour some good olive oil in a pan and shallow fry the onion, previously cut in small dices.
Leave it until it is starting to get golden brown.

Peel, wash and dice the root vegetables.
Add it to the pan and fix i with salt and pepper.

Let the vegetables cook on a medium low heat for about 8 minutes.
Stir frequently to avoid the veg sticking to the bottom of the pan.
As there is no water at this point, it’s very easy to burn everything so, no distractions.

After about 8 minutes, when the veg starts getting a bit tender, add the butter and stir well until it’s melt.

Add one table spoon of plain flour to the veggies. This is just to thicken up the soup.
Stir well.

Mix together the cream with the milk and stir it in the pan.
Add one teaspoon of mild curry powder to the cream and mix well.

Time to plate it, and serve this tasty creamy root vegetables soup.
You can garnish with some parsley if you like it.
Totally optional.


creamy root vegetables soup


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