Cream of potato soup with mushrooms

Cream of potato soup with mushrooms is not just the usual soup, but it is even more!
Rich, creamy and velvety, has everything you look for in a cream soup.
Packed with earthy flavours and luscious taste.

cream of potato soupEnjoy this as a main with nice toasted bread crostini, or as a starter for those endless holidays dinner party with the family.

I have bought those really nice ceramic dishes/mini pot like. They just looks so cute and this cream of potato soup looks great in it!

This is a cream of potato soup, but you can also avoid cream should you wish to, and the end result would still be a fantastic creamy potato and mushroom soup.
All you need to do is to add a bit more water to the original quantity listed in the ingredients list.

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Here is all that you need for a delish cream of potato soup with mushrooms!

cream of potato soup

Ingredients for 2 cream of potato soup serves

1 medium big potato
125gr chestnut closed cup mushrooms
1 small yellow onion
50ml heavy cream
1 vegetable stock cube
olive oil
300ml hot water


First thing you wanna do is to wash and peel the potato.

Give a quick wash to the mushroom as well and then pat them dry with some kitchen paper towel.
Mushrooms are delicate and absorb water so do not soak them.

Place a large frying pan over medium heat, then pour some olive oil in it.
Peel and dice a small onion then add it to the pan.
Let the onion soften up before adding the potato, that you need to cut in small dices too.

Slice up the mushrooms and add it to the frying pan.
Season with thyme, black pepper and a light pinch of salt and nutmeg.
Toss everything and fry for a minute.

Add 300ml of boiling hot water and the vegetable stock into the pan.
Cook until potatoes are soft, stir every now and then.

When potatoes are cooked it’s time to transfer everything into the food processer or blender.
Add the vegetables and 50ml of double cream to the blender cup and blend everything till it’s smooth.

Bring the liquid back in the pan, heat up for another minute stirring often.
Serve this cream of potato soup in deep bowl dish with some nice toasted crostini.

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cream of potato soup


The ultimate comfort food is definitely this  cream of potato soup with mushrooms!

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