Cream of onion soup – A quick easy recipe


On the top list of all comfort food you will probably find soups I am sure.
This cream of onion soup I am gonna show you today, goes even further.
Not only it comforts you in those cold cold rainy days but it also keeps you healthy and all up with good nutrients from the onions.

It is in fact very well known that onions and garlic have immune system boost properties.
So next time you feel like you are on the edge of flu or coming up with a runny nose, nothing fights it better than a nice delicious cream of onion soup.
No, not even those pills the doctor gives you. Trust me.
This cream of onion soup is even better as not only gives you the onion power but also the deliciousness of that touch of cream: always appreciated in soups.

Wanna hear more? what about adding some smoked pancetta cubes in it?
Ok I’ll stop teasing and leave you with the recipe.

Here’s all the ingredients you need for a delicious creamy onion soup made with white onions

cream of onion soup

Ingredients for 400ml of cream of onion soup

1 big white onion
250ml of vegetable stock
70ml single cream
50gr smoked pancetta
dried onions
olive oil
diced spring onions
black pepper



Start with peeling and chopping the onion in small dices. Don’t worry about making it too small. It will go in the processer anyways.
Prepare 250ml of vegetable stock.

After this you can proceed by putting some good olive oil in a frying pan.
When it’s hot enough, just add the onions, and the diced spring onions to the pan and let it softens.
Add a good sprinkle of dried thyme, oregano and black pepper.

Give all a good stir and then add all the vegetable stock at once. Let it cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.
When the juice has reduced a bit and the onions are soft, put everything into a food processer.

Add the cream directly in the food processer cup and blend everything till it’s perfectly smooth.
Bring the soup back in the pan, let it cook for two more minutes over low heat.

In another small frying pan fry the pancetta cubes.
No need to add any oil or butter as the pancetta has already got its fat. Once it’s crispy to your liking set it aside.

The soup should be ready after those two minutes. Taste it and fix with salt if needed.

Serve the soup in a deep bowl dish, add the pancetta and dried onion on top.

Garnish with some more chopped spring onions, some nice croutons to go with it and there you go.
Your velvet smooth cream of onion soup is ready!

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