Courgette and shrimps risotto – creamy risotto recipe

Amongst all of the kind of risotto that I have ever cooked, ate or posted here on the blog, this may be one of the most delicate.
In both flavour and aroma this delicious courgette and shrimps risotto is second to none.
If you are new to surf and turf combinations, I can assure you this is probably the best one.. and maybe one of the most used in cooking too.
Shrimps just goes well with everything I think.
The light and genuine taste of courgette, and its texture really adds up to that creaminess that we all look for in a risotto.
And this is quite outstanding considering that there is no butter used for this recipe.

Can you believe it? no? well stay tuned and read on.
Here’s the ingredient you need to make an authentic¬†courgette and shrimps risotto

courgette and shrimps risotto

Ingredients for 2 serves of courgette and shrimps risotto

100gr arborio rice
1 medium/small courgette
1/2 diced white onion
200gr cooked shrimps
175ml souvignon blanc wine
500ml vegetable stock
20gr grated parmesan cheese
olive oil



It’s a good idea to have the stock already prepared before starting everything.
In a pan pour a good amount of olive oil.
Add the onion then the courgette, that you previously diced.
Let both vegetables fry a bit so that it softens. Try not to burn the edges of it.
Add the rice to the pan and stir continuously with a spatula so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Once you see the rice going translucent it’s time for the wine to play its part.
Wet everything with white wine, and let it evaporate.

As per usual I suggest you to use a quite dry type of wine. You don’t want anything sugary or that bubbles up in your pan.

Once there’s no more liquid left, start adding the stock little by little.
The procedure is always the same: add some stock, when that liquid has been absorbed add some more.
Repeat until the rice is cooked.

This is in essence the secret to cook risotto.

When the rice is ready add the cooked shrimps, mix them in with the spatula.

Add the parmesan at the end and fold it in gently so that it melts and your risotto starts to have a nice creamy look.
Fix with salt to taste and serve.

courgette and shrimps risotto

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