Christmas swiss roll cake recipe

A Christmas swiss roll cake recipe it is said to solve many problems. You don’t believe that?
Well at the very least is solves sweets cravings.

A super light and spongy swiss roll filled with cream and love.
I made this Christmas swiss roll cake in only 20 minutes.
Ok you have to wait a bit before bite into it, but the wait makes it taste even better.

swiss roll cake recipe

I kept my Christmas swiss roll cake recipe very in tune with this holiday season colours.
I think it looks super cute and you guests will love that for sure!

For this swiss roll cake recipe you will need to use a very large baking tray sized 35cm x 45cm
Reason for this it’s because you need to make the cake as thin as possible to be able to roll it.

If you don’t have it you can use two smaller rectangular trays for this amounts of ingredients.

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 Christmas swiss roll cake recipe – Ingredients

For the cake mix

75gr cake flour
100gr sugar
4 eggs

For the filling

250ml Whipping cream
2 tsp caramel flavouring
1tbsp caster sugar
red and green glacee cherries


swiss roll cake recipe

Christmas swiss roll cake recipe – Cooking method

Start with giving the tray I have mentioned before a nice wash and make sure it’s dry.
Fold it with greaseproof paper with two pieces.
One that starts from one side to the other and covers the side borders as well.
The other that starts from top to bottom that covers the other two borders.

Grab a medium bowl and start with the cake mix by cracking the eggs open.
Separate the yolk from the white.
Put the yolks in the bowl then add the sugar.

Wisk it all together until the mix it’s nice and fluffy.
Sieve the flour and add it a bit at the time in the eggs and sugar bowl.
Keep wisking in the mean time, until you have add all the flour.

Grab another bowl and put the egg whites in it.
With the electric hand mixer, wisk until the whites are well firm and airy, just like when you want to make meringues.
Slowly fold in the egg whites in the cake mix with a spatula.

Pour the swiss roll cake mix in the tray, make sure it covers the entire perimetre of the tray.
Bake this christmas swiss roll in a preheated oven @200C for 12 minutes.

After this time the swiss roll should be ready, so take it off the oven and leave to cool down before removing the greaseproof paper.

You can prepare the filling while you wait.

Mke sure the whipping cream is cold from the fridge, pour it in a medium bowl add 1tbsp of caster sugar, 2tsp of caramel flavouring ans whip it up until it’s really firm.
Cut the cherries in small pieces and add it in the cream.

On a plane clean surface, lay a big piece of cling film.
By then the cake roll should be cool enough to be handled, so take it off the tray and remove the paper from the bottom.
Place it on the cling film surface and start by adding the cream in the middle and spread it with a spatula everywhere.
Make sure there is enough cream everywhere also on the sides.

Grabbing from one of the sides roll the cake tightly, the wrap it with the cling film so that it helps the swiss roll to hold its shape.
Wrap tigh and seal the endings.
Place the Christmas swiss roll cake in a tray and let it rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

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You can decorate the swiss roll cake with more whipping cream on top or simply with icing sugar!
Your Christmas swiss roll is ready to be enjoyed!

swiss roll cake recipe

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