Fried rice recipe – How to make egg fried rice better than take away!

Chinese egg fried rice is probably one of the most ordered takeaway food in the whole of the civilized world, and today I am gonna show you how to make it at home without wok: a better than restaurant fried rice recipe!!

fried rice recipe

Egg fried rice: the Chinese food for excellence, the most known and the best accompaniment for all others Chinese food deliciousness like vegetables stir fries, chicken in mushroom sauce, or chicken with almonds (my personal favourite).

To make fried rice with egg takes few ingredients but a very good hand and an expert eye to be cooked to perfection.
These are of course skills that take a while to be acquired but it’s not impossible thing to do.

Chinese cuisine in fact it’s fast cos takes minimal cooking times, but it needs longer preparations.

But how to really make plain fried rice?

First thing first let’s debug a complete myth around chinese cuisine: to make a chinese fried rice restaurant style you need to have a wok.
Nothing more far from the truth!

Unless you have a proper stove, like they use in chinese restaurant, that is designed for a wok, there’s totally no point having one.
You can make delish chinese dishes also without a fancy wok. Just use a large non stick pan and this amazing fried rice recipe!

Sometimes it’s true: you need the right tools to make a difference but that doesn’t always apply. Definitely does not apply in the case of this chinese egg fried rice recipe.

Rather I would say that if you do not use the right ingredients, or use them the in the right way, you probably won’t have the same result as a restaurant/take away like dish.

If your cravings for chinese food are rising then read on and you wont regret it.
Today you will learn how to make chinese fried rice at home without wok: better than take away fried rice recipe!
Let’s get cracking on this super tasty egg fried rice recipe, these are the things you need for it.

fried rice recipe

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Fried rice Ingredients for 4 serves

150gr basmati rice
6tbsp toasted sesame seeds oil
4tbsp light soy sauce or maggi sauce
1tbsp dark soy sauce
1tbsp white sugar
4 eggs
black pepper


This easy fried rice recipe is based on the fact that everyone can do it, either you have a rice cooker and a wok, or not.
First thing first you need to wash the rice throughly. Basmati rice only allowed here.
You’re making chinese fried rice not italian risotto.

This washing process will take out not only the dust but mostly also the starch that the rice usually releases when it’s boiled, and you definitely don’t want that in you fried rice!

Put the rice in a bowl and rinse it through with cold water, two to three times or until the water comes out to be clean.

Get rid of the last batch of water and transfer the rice in a cooking pan.
Fill the pan with 250ml of cold water.

Add the toasted sesame seeds oil, the two soy sauces and for last, the sugar and season with black pepper. Do not add any salt.

I also like to substitute the light soy sauce with maggi sauce.
It’s a liquid seasoning sauce that looks like worchestershire sauce but the taste is totally different. I find it adds up a nice tweak to the final result.
You can also use 2tbsp light soy sauce and 2tbsp of maggi sauce to try it.

Grab a spoon and give the ingredients a really good stir.
Makes sure that rice is all submerged in water and there’s none that sticks out.

Cover the pan with a lid and place over low heat, mark 2 for electric/iduction stoves.
The rice should get cooked in about 20 minutes, you will understand this when all the water is absorbed and the rice is soft but not sticky.
Do not stir whilst the rice is cooking.

When the rice is ready, take the pan off the heat, remove the lid and let it set to cool down.
Wait at least 10 minutes before taking the rice off the pan and place it into a medium bowl to cool down further.
Leave the rice in room temperature, do not put it in the fridge or cover with any lid.

When the rice is cool enough, try to separate the grains as much as you can with a fork. Try to be delicate and don’t squish it too much.
Leave to cool completly before you can actually use it.


How to make Chinese egg fried rice restaurant style?


So now you have your base chinese fried rice ready to use for basically all of the fried rice recipes existing out there.
You just need to “fry it”!

Nope no deep friers involved here, don’t worry!

In a large non stick frying pan pour some sunflower oil and warm it up.
The oil needs to be really hot but be careful not to make it reach smoke point.

Grab a medium bowl and crack the eggs open, season with a sprinkle of black pepper and wisk well.

When the oil it’s warm enough pour some eggs in the pan and scramble it for few seconds then add a portion of the rice you cooked before.

I usually mesure the rice straight into a serving bowl so I know exactly how much each person is gonna have. Also I calculate 1 egg each portion.

It’s also easier to manage less rice in the pan if you are cooking it for the first time.
Slowly but surely is always the best choice in these cases.
When you get to understand how to do it faster and manage more rice in the pan at once, you can then cook more portions at the time.

The process has to be quick (long enough to have the eggs cooked ) and almost mechanical.
Mix the rice with eggs, that should be now resulting in little scrambled bits.

Wet the rice with a little drizzle of toasted sesame seeds oil and light soy sauce (just a tiny bit)
Keep on mixing and tossing the pan ( just like you would do with pasta ) to blend all ingredients together and you’re set.

Some people have it plain like that some other like to add spring onions or peas to it.
You can add it in the final seconds of cooking should you wish to.

Serve in a dish bowl and garnish with some chopped spring onions.

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And there you go: the best chinese egg fried rice recipe better than takeaway!

fried rice recipe

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