Best panna cotta recipe with espresso coffee

The best panna cotta recipe you could get your hands on, skeptical? read on!

best panna cotta recipe

Hand’s up who feels like eating a nice indulgent dessert right now.
No, I can’t possibly see you, but I am sure there is lots of you
rising hands.

Rich, velvety smooth and creamy, the kind of thing that you have always dreamt of when your dessert cravings kicks in.

Where to find the recipe for this idilliac kind of palate pleasure? What could possibly be like that?

If you are wondering this, then look no further cos you found your answer.
Panna cotta is the name. Sublime is the taste.
The best panna cotta recipe you could get your hands on, I told you!

There’s many many ways of making italian panna cotta an unforgettable tastebuds experience.

You can serve it with a nice strawberry lime sauce, with a lemon jelly, with a rich caramel sauce, or in zillion other way you might like!

Today inspired by what i like most, which is coffee and chocolate, I ve decided to combine the two and make it one.
Here’s how espresso coffe pannacotta is born.
Have I told you already this is the best panna cotta recipe you could get your hands on?

If you never had panna cotta before you absolutely need to catch up with that and…as fast as you can!!
So don’t let this occasion go missed..grab these ingredients and make your espresso coffee pannacotta right now!

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Ingredients for 2 serving of espresso coffee panna cotta with chocolate sauce

60ml fresh cream
60ml full fat milk
3tsp instant espresso coffee powder
2 gelatine leafs
6tsp of white sugar
6 squares of milk chocolate
2tsp caramel extract


best panna cotta recipe


Firstly you need to take care of the gelatine leaves.

Put 2 gelatine leaves in a bowl with cold water for 10 minutes. This process will allow the gelatine to soften up and be ready to use right when you need it.

In a sauce pan combine the cream, the milk and the sugar. Stir very well until the sugar is completly melt.
Let the liquid to warm up but don’t let it boil.
When it is warm enough add 3tsp instant espresso coffee powder and stir well.
Try not to leave any coffee powder bits in the milk.

Add 2tsp of caramel extract to the pan and keep stirring to blend ingredients together.

After that the gelatine should be ready.

Squeeze the gelatine from excess water, and add it to sauce pan.
Whisk well until all gelatine is melt.

Take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool down whilst you prepare the coffee chocolate topping sauce.

I have used a milk chocolate block so the six squares refer to the size of a standard chocolate bar.

Cut the milk chocolate into small pieces and put it in a clean pan together with 2/3 spoons of cream and 1 small tsp of coffee powder. Keep stirring as the chocolate melts and the coffee blends in.

Sauce is ready when the chocolate is melt and has a ganache kind of consistency.

Pour the chocolate sauce at the bottom of two little moulds, and then slowly add the panna cotta mix on top.

Keep the panncotta in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before consuming.

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