Best Corn flour pancakes recipe


If you are wondering what to do with that corn flour you have had in the pantry for months, then you found your answer here: chocolate chips corn flour pancakes.
These cornmeal pancakes are wonderful for breakfast or any other sweet craving moment.

They are made with half corn flour and normal flour, and they are not savoury at all.
The milk chocolate chips give that final touch.

I like to make my pancakes with no egg, they are lighter and tastier this way.. don’t you think?

Also you can definitely swap the full fat milk with any plant based milk like soy, oats or even coconut milk.

There are other recipes that only have corn flour in it, but I preferred to mix it with normal plain flour cos I find it go get a better consistence this way.
Fluffier and smoother…Try to believe!

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Here’s all you need for tasty corn flour pancakes.

corn flour pancakes

Ingredients for about 20/25 small corn flour pancakes

3 tbsp. icing sugar
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp. self raising flour
2 tbsp. wholemeal corn flour
6 tbsp. sunflower oil
150ml whole milk
milk chocolate chips



Corn flour pancakes, let’s get started!


It is important for these corn flour pancakes to mix the dry ingredients firstly.

In a medium bowl put together the corn flour, and plain flour, the icing sugar and the baking powder. Mix the dry ingredients together with a spatula or a fork.

Once you have the dry mix ready you can then add the wet ingredients in the bowl.
Add 6 tbsp of sunflower oil (or any other vegetable oil) and 150ml of full fat milk to the bowl, and whisk everything together.

After that, mix until you start to see the little bubbles coming up in the pancake batter.

Sometimes they are big, sometimes more subtle, but bubbles should be there.
Now you can add the chocolate chips to it.
Give it another whisk to fold it in the batter.

In alternative you can swap the chocolate chips with sultanas. They taste super delicious with raisins, giving them a very peculiar twist.

I usually don’t soak the sultanas when using it in this corn flour pancake batter.
It will get moist and soft anyways.
Really delicious alternative to chocolate!

Grab a non stick pancake pan and grease it lightly with vegetable oil. You can dry the excess oil with some kitchen paper towel just in case it’s too much.
Put the pancake pan onto medium heat. For induction stove put it on mark 4.

I always use a spoon to pour the batter in the pan for my fluffy corn flour pancakes.
I think that is the right amount for the size I want them to have.
About 25 pancakes is what you get with this amount of batter.

To keep the corn flour pancakes fluffy even for the next day ( if they will get there) keep them in cold oven after cooking.
You will be amazed at how soft your pancakes will be the morning after.

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Eat them as they are, with just icing sugar on top, or with a tempting chocolate sauce drizzle.

Or why not, with both??

Best corn flour pancakes ever!

corn flour pancakes

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