Baked Polenta – Crispy with a tender heart

Here we are with another great recipe: baked polenta with salami! Are you ready?

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Back to our recipe, today I woke up missing a food I used to eat, quite a long time ago, especially in the period before the Easter holidays.
It’s not typical of Easter even though many people think it is: baked polenta.

Baked polenta it’s very easy to cook, you can serve it as a starter, as a snack, an appetizer or make it for a party.

If you are asking: can I use cornmeal to make polenta? then the answer is totally yes. Also the fact that it goes in the oven it’s a bonus, less mess and it’s definitely healthier than frying it.

I know many people would disagree on this choice but, one’s got to start somewhere to get on the healthier side.
Avoiding fried things it’s a very good first step. What do you think?

How to bake polenta?

The fact that is called baked polenta implies the usage of the oven, as you might have guessed. Please do not use microwave to bake this.
Every time you cook polenta in the microwave a little corn kernel dies of despair.

How to cook polenta?

Polenta is similar to semolina, when you have to cook it, you really have to make sure to pour it in boiling water slowly and to stir continuously. Stop stirring for a microsecond and you will find lots of little yellow hard bits in your pan. Not nice. Trust me I have been there.
So before you set up everything to actually make polenta, make sure to shut off the phone, go to toilet ( don’t forget to wash your hands afterward) and that nobody will call your attention. This is almost as serious as making mayonnaise!

Enough talking lets see together what you’re going to need for an amazing baked polenta recipe.

baked polenta

Ingredients ( for a 12 x 9 inches tray of baked polenta)

200ml hot water
125gr polenta flour – cornmeal
1 tsp of salt
100gr salami
30gr grated parmesan
black pepper
semolina (optional)


Put 200ml of water onto a boil, and when it starts bubbling, slowly pour the polenta flour or cornmeal, and stir with a whisk constantly and fast.
When it gets to be consistent and there’s no more water to be absorbed, take the pan off the heat and add the salami, that you’ve previously diced, the grated parmesan cheese and some black pepper. Some people prefer whole peppercorns instead of powdered pepper. Choice is totally up to you.

Mix it all in with a spatula.
Grab a 12 x 9 inches baking tray ( I have used a foil one – less things to wash yeah!) and spread some butter on the base and sides of it.

Cover the base/sides of the tray with semolina. I have used semolina cos it gives that nice crispy finish, but it’s a personal choice, you can use the same cornmeal you made polenta with.

Put the polenta in the tray and level it with a spatula. Dust the top with more semolina/cornmeal and some more pepper.
Baked polenta goes in the oven for 30 minutes at 200c

Slice this baked polenta and serve it hot or cold.

baked polenta

If you are looking for the best dip to go with this, stay tuned cos soon I am going to dedicate a full category to dip and sauces.

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