Baked Brussel sprouts with cheese and nuts

If you read Baked Brussel sprouts and all that comes up to your mind is that persistent smell that will never go away from your kitchen, then it means you never tried my  Baked Brussel sprouts recipe!

Though it is not an easy task to please everybody when you are cooking for a large group of people, there are some exceptions.

Baked Brussel sprouts

This Baked Brussel sprouts is a delicious vegetarian side dish, that easily meets everyone expectations at your  dinner table.  100% guaranteed success!

If I have achieved to make a person, that hates Brussel sprouts with both heart and soul, eat this cheesy baked Brussel sprouts and agree that it wasn’t bad at all, then it really means that you have to try this recipe!

If you were looking for a vegetarian side dish idea using Brussel sprouts then you find it right here.

Instead of plain brussel sprouts for your Christmas party dinner try these baked brussel sprouts with blue stilton and walnuts out and you won’t regret it.

This is particularly amazing for this Christmas holiday season family dinner.
Super duper tastier alternative!

Gently tossed in luscious butter and seasoned with black pepper, it will be so easy to eat these sprouts in one go that you won’t even remember about the cauliflower smell.

Hasn’t that one sold you yet? Well let’s have a look at the ingredients for this baked Brussel sprouts with cheese and nuts.

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Baked Brussel sprouts Ingredients for 2 serves of Baked Brussel sprouts

200gr fresh Brussel sprouts
100gr blue stilton cheese
80gr walnuts
1 big tbsp of butter
black pepper


Baked Brussel sprouts – Cooking method

Starting from the fact that I prefer to use fresh vegetables for my cooking, if you can’t get a hold of these fresh, then using frozen brussel sprouts wont hurt nobody.

Wash the sprouts through with cold water, then cut the end bit and get rid of it.
Cut the brussel sprouts in half and the give it a quick boil.

If you are using frozen ready sprouts, just bathe them quickly in hot water so to just get rid of that frozen feel.

In a large pan, bring salted water onto boil then add the sprouts.
Let cook for two to 3 minutes over medium high heat.

Drain the Brussel sprouts and set them aside for a second.

In a large frying pan, put one big table spoon of unsalted butter. Let it melt over gentle heat.

Get rid of excess whater from the sprouts, then add them to the frying pan when the butter has melted completly.

Gently toss the pan so that the butter covers up all the sprouts.
Season with a good nice sprinkle of black pepper.

Let cook until the butter gets a bit reduced, continuing to toss the pan so the sprouts do not stick on the bottom.

Crumble in some blue stilton cheese, and toss the pan to distribute it everywhere.
once the cheese is starting to get melty, transfer everything in a ceramic tray.
No need to add anymore butter.

Lay the sprouts in the tray flat side down and sprinkle up with chopped walnut and the rest of the stilton.

Time to bring this goodie to the oven!

Bake those gorgeous sprouts for 20 minutes @190C

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Baked Brussel sprouts are served!

Baked Brussel sprouts

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