Bacon fried rice recipe

This bacon fried rice recipe will make you want to eat Chinese food everyday!
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For a great bacon fried rice recipe there is need of a even better fried rice recipe and guess what?
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In fact for this bacon fried rice recipe you will need to make fried rice first as described here in my Chinese fried rice recipe.
Don’t worry if you think it’s difficult, I have made it extremely easier for you to try at home.
Guaranteed you will have a perfect tasty Chinese bacon fried rice on your table ready for dinner!
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Here is the ingredient list for a perfect bacon fried rice.

bacon fried rice

Ingredients for 4 serves of bacon fried rice

Room temperature cooled fried rice – please click here for ingredients and recipe
100gr uncooked smoked bacon slices
100gr diced mixed peppers
60gr cooked fine peas
1 medium carrot
1 small white onion
chopped spring onions

How to make bacon fried rice

First thing first you will need to prepare the base fried rice and let it cool down at room temperature. Once again I remind you that you can find the base fried rice ingredients needed and recipe here.
Follow that recipe and once the fried rice is cooked take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool down.
In the mean time you can prepare your vegetables.
Start with peeling and chop the onion in small dices.
Peel the carrot and cut it in thin strips, then dice it.
I like the carrot bits to be small that’s why I fist cut it in thin strips then chop it up in dices. You can leave it in strips if you prefer.
Wash carefully the spring onions and then chop these as well in small bits.
Keep all the vegetables, including the peppers, in one bowl.

Time to chop the meat too.

Get a sharp knife and get rid of the excess fat off the bacon.
Cut first in long strips then in small cubes.
Put aside in a small bowl.

When the fried rice is cool enough, is time to finish cooking it and transform it into our bacon fried rice.
As explained in the base recipe you will need to cook one maximum two portion of rice at the time. This way it will be much easier.
Make sure to split the vegetables and the meat in half if you make two portions at once.
Grab a medium bowl and crack the eggs open, season with a sprinkle of black pepper and whisk well.
Grab a large non stick frying pan pour some sunflower oil and warm it up.
It can be any vegetable oil you want.
The oil needs to be really hot but be careful not to make it reach smoke point.
Put now in the pan all of the first half vegetables and bacon at once.
Still with the heat on high, let the vegetables soften up and the bacon cook.
Sautee all the ingredients flipping the pan.
Now pour some eggs in the pan and scramble it for few seconds then add two portion of the rice you cooked before.
I usually measure the rice straight into a serving bowl so I know exactly how much each person is gonna have.
The process has to be quick (long enough to have the eggs cooked ) and almost mechanical.
Mix the rice with eggs, that should be now resulting in little scrambled bits.
Wet the rice with a little drizzle of toasted sesame seeds oil and light soy sauce
Keep on mixing and tossing the pan to blend all ingredients together and you’re set.

Serve in a dish bowl and garnish with some more chopped spring onions.

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bacon fried rice
And here it is an amazing tasty bacon fried rice.


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