Apple pie ravioli – Quick & easy dessert

Apple pie ravioli is a funny twist on the classical apple pie.
They are very similar to the ones sold at the most famous fast-food in the world ( won’t mention it ah!) just that these ones are lighter and less fatty since they aren’t deep fried but baked.

Made with light and fluffy puff pastry,  it cooks in the oven in just 15 minutes. Is it fast enough for you? well trust me it’s worth the wait.

This is one of these so called dessert that you can make whenever you have a sweet binge. If you are on of these person that has a sweets cravings closer to midnight then ever, then you will understand exactly what I mean.

As like most of my recipe they do start out as a total experiment, sometimes they are good some other times I wished I never made it.
This was definitely a yes!

Let’s see what you need to make this delicious apple pie ravioli

apple pie ravioli

Ingredients for about 6 apple pie ravioli

ready made puff pastry
1 granny smith apple
50 gr white sugar
1tbsp butter
1tsp cinnamon
one pinch of nutmeg

I have used a granny smith (green apple) because that’s the quality I like. You can use whichever apple quality you want.
Peel the apple and cut it into little dices.
Don’t cut the apple way before you are actually going to make the apple pie ravioli.  You really don’t want the apple to turn brown!

Melt one table spoon of good butter in a frying pan and add the apple. Let it “fry” a little bit, then add the sugar, the cinnamon and a little pinch of ground nutmeg. Nutmeg gives everything in there a sense.

Let it cook for a minute until the sugar starts to bubble up.
Don’t let the sugar stick on the bottom of the pan. Heat should be on medium, not on high.
When it’s ready set it aside in a bowl to cool down a bit.

In the mean time roll out the puff pastry. This quantities are to make 6 ravioli, but it really depends on how big you make it. I have cut mine 4 inches square.
Fill each square of pastry with the apple mix, and seal it with another square of pastry. Pinch it on the sides to seal it.
For any reference please take a look at the video recipe. You will find it at the end of the post.


Apple pie ravioli – Time to bake this goodies up.

Put the apple pie ravioli in a pre heated oven at 170C for 15 minutes.

My suggestion is to serve the apple pie ravioli when they re still warm but not straight out of the oven hot like.

They are good on their own or served with coffee or tea.

Do you need a visual cooking support? You have it!
Find this apple pie ravioli video recipe in the video below, and subscribe on my YouTube channel here. It’s free anyway.

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