Pumpkin cream soup with chickpeas – The ultimate recipe

I don’t know you, but in my house it was never custom to eat or cook soup, unless you had fever and mum would oblidge you do have chicken broth.
That’s the closest I got to soups, before moving out.

Those days are long gone, today I can say that I like soups and I like to cook it too.

You can make soup basically with everything: vegetable soup, chicken soup, crab soup, tortellini soup, one better than the other.

Best ones for me in this period are the thick and creamy ones, and this Pumpkin cream soup with chickpeas is just number one.


How do you make Pumpkin cream soup?

You can make it all in one pan, the only hassle is that you will have to blend it but, for the sake of a good Pumpkin cream soup with chickpeas like the one I am going to show you, it’s totally worth it.

This can be served as a main, or in smaller portions as an appetizer.

The good thing about this Pumpkin cream soup, apart everything about it, is that it’s rich, spicy enough and flavoursome.
The chickpeas really add a particular texture to it and satiates you quite a lot without making you feel fat ( you know that feeling you get after you’ve had a full 18″ pizza on your own)

Lots of people use vegetable stock for soups, in this occasion i didn’t.

Plain water is all I used, as I was gonna put some cream in it already, I didn’t wanted to make it too heavy.
If you are asking “can I make pumpkin cream soup without cream?” answer is yes. you can totally avoid it or substitute it with milk.

These are the ingredients you are going to need:

Pumpkin cream soup

Ingredients ( x2 bowls of Pumpkin cream soup)

1 small purple onion
300gr diced fresh pumpkin
150gr cooked chickpeas
70ml single cream
dried parsley
sage leaves & pumpkin seeds to top it up.


Start by dicing the pumpkin, as per usual I suggest to always use fresh veggies, not only is better for you but helps the environment and the farmer too.

Warm up some seeds oil in a frying pan and then add the onion that you previously diced.
Fix with salt, black pepper and thyme.

Add the pumpkin and let it colour a bit, then add 200ml of hot water and let cook for 5 minutes on a medium high heat.
Add the chickpeas, give it a good stir and cook it for 2 more minutes.

Take if off the heat and transfer everything into a blender cup, add the cream and blend until everything it’s smooth.

Put the Pumpkin cream soup back into the pan, to heat it up.

Add some more pepper and dried parsley.

Serve it in deep cup dishes and top it up with fresh sage leaves and pumpkin seeds.

Here you have it: a delicious Pumpkin cream soup with chickpeas


pumpkin cream soup

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